Recovery Capital: Evidence For Addiction Treatment

Recovery Capital Conference - Latest Evidence for addiction treatment

The crisis of Covid-19 is not the only crisis facing our nation.

Across the country, from Halifax to Victoria, overdoses are killing thousands of Canadians who were unable to break the cycle of addiction.

The staff of Aurora Recovery Centre are doing their best to flatten that curve, too.

Aurora Recovery Centre is one of the key sponsors of this upcoming virtual conference which will focus on addiction, and more importantly, finding recovery in this age of pandemics.

The 2020 Recovery Capital Conference, part of a series of events that began in September 2017, features some of the world’s top professionals – scientists, clinicians and policymakers and people with plenty of experience presenting the latest evidence on how people can and do attain recovery.

Previous in-person events have taken place in New Westminster, Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto and Halifax, drawing crowds of 300 to 600 people, and featuring speakers from Dr. Gabor Maté to Senator Patrick Kennedy and Claudia Black.

On Friday, September 4, from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. PST, this year’s speakers will take participants on a journey into the science and evidence involved in the pathways to recovery. Starting with a welcome from British Columbia’s Minister of Mental Health and Addiction, Judy Darcy, the conference spends the day covering topics including The New Science on Addiction Recovery;   Recovery In Canada; Black, Indigenous, People of Colour (BIPOC) Recovery Pathways; The Alberta Model; Recovery Capital Definitions, Science and the Impact of Covid-19; Recovery Management Plans; and Surviving the Tripartite of Covid-19, Psychological Injury and Addiction.

“There is so much important information at this conference in particular. That’s why we sponsor it,” says Aurora’s President and long-time recovery advocate, Steve Low. “When all these top people get together and share the data they are discovering, it helps all of us deliver better treatment and help more people.”

The 2020 Recovery Capital Conference is open to anyone with an interest in recovery. Tickets ($80.59) can be purchased through the website