Intervention Services: When Is The Right Time?

Intervention Services: When Is The Right Time? For many drinkers and drug addicts, there is a specific moment of clarity between the layering fog of substance-induced haze. That moment finds them asking themselves a very important question: Do I have a problem? Most often, as soon as a loved one begins questioning if they might have a substance use disorder or if the way they drink and use drugs is “normal”- it likely is not.

Parents, family members, and loved ones have a similar moment. In between dramatic episodes, chaotic fights, disappearances, benders, and detoxes, there is a question that rises. “Should I look for intervention services for my loved one?” At that point, the answer is likely yes.

You May Need Intervention Services If…

You’ve noticed a change in your loved one’s appearance and attitude. You’ve probably felt this gut instinct before. When you noticed your loved one’s appearance and attitude changing, you knew something wasn’t right. As there were more fights with family members and a sudden electrical charge to their mood a horrified gut feeling asked, “Are they using drugs?” or “Are they drinking more often?”

While their addiction progressed your instinct became more strong. You knew when they were high. You knew when they were lying. Cleaning their room, you had a feeling as to where to find paraphernalia.

Now that you’re considering an intervention, you know something else. You know that their using is not getting better, their drinking is not getting better. It’s gotten worse and you’re afraid of how much worse it is going to get.


Fear weaves its way into many areas of the situation. Not only are you afraid for your loved one, but you’re also afraid of what might happen if you approach them about their addiction or alcoholism. If your loved one is beyond approach, it is time to call a professional or a full-service treatment center with Intervention Services like Aurora Recovery Centre.

We provide intervention services, safe passage to treatment, and a full continuum of care: detox, residential inpatient, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, outpatient, sober living, and transitional care. From scientifically-based solutions to spiritually inspired holistic solutions, Aurora Recovery has created Canada’s most comprehensive treatment program. If you are ready to make the call for an intervention, Aurora is here to help. For more information, call 844-515-STOP.