The Incredible Courage of Families

The incredible courage of families

Courage: Coronavirus has thrown a wrench into the way our schools operate, and with school openings just ahead of us, there are a lot of unknowns.

We at Aurora Recovery Centre would like to acknowledge the sector of our population that is going almost unnoticed as the unsung heroes of the COVID pandemic: our children.

We’re hearing about the anxiety that is arising in our kids as we get closer to the first days of school. With so much uncertainty, it is no wonder they are feeling afraid and anxious about what their future holds.

And it’s not just the kids who are affected. With an influx of information overload, adults are feeling the excess stress while making their way through the maze of best decisions for their families and children.

We at Aurora would like to recognize, acknowledge, and support the courage of all families, parents, children, teachers, school bus drivers, janitors, school administrations, and everyone who is experiencing difficulties during this turbulent time.

We see you. We honour your courage and strength in the face of this pandemic.

You are our heroes.