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Recovery For Life.

Personalized Care

We offer personalized addiction treatment programs that help our members and their loved ones heal, connect, and recover for life.

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World-Class Facility

Our beachfront facility is fully equipped with 24-7 medical detox, an olympic-sized pool, full gym and personal trainer, and more.

Highly Skilled Professionals

Members have access to credentialed professionals that understand behavioural and substance addictions and co-occurring mental health issues.

If I had not found Aurora, I would probably still be out there slowly killing myself one drink at a time. So once again, thanks for teaching me all about the disease of addiction and what it takes to recover from it. I totally understand now that I am the one who must do the work of recovery and that recovery is an inside job but can’t done alone either.

The facility is world-class. Being a fitness guy I was pleased to find a gym, pool, and yoga room along with great running trails and even a beach. Thanks again to all the counsellors who helped me see clearly how addiction had been destroying my life. I am forever grateful.

– Michael

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