How Can I Help Someone Get Treatment?

Being in relationship with someone in active addiction can be incredibly frustrating, painful, and frightening. Often, you experience the consequences more acutely than the person with the addiction. Our experience has taught us that implementing change within the family, workplace or community makes a significant impact.

Ultimately, each individual needs to make their own life choices. However, with a neurobiological illness, it is critical to have leadership. We offer our expertise and support to help facilitate your conversations with the person in addiction. Often, we see an immediate shift when the right information is provided at the right moment. This is the first step in a recovery management system that sees people through admission to their continuing care and onward.

Many people come to treatment after their family members or employers have set firm boundaries, given direct feedback, and disengaged from the insanity of trying to manage someone else’s addiction.

Generally, we can coach you to create an environment conducive to someone choosing treatment. If necessary, we can recommend several highly-trained interventionists. Please contact our Admissions Department at 1 844 515 7867.

Why We Offer Programs For Family Members

The insidious, pervasive, and chronic effects of being in relationship to someone with addiction take a much bigger toll than most people recognize. Being in a heightened state of vigilance increases cortisol levels and dysregulates your nervous system. Over time many people become accustomed to living with an unhealthy level of stress. Feelings of powerlessness, anger and frustration are regular occurrences. Health problems develop, and your mental health can become impacted.

In crisis mode, people unwittingly develop behaviours that keep them stuck in a traumatic response, a response that has been described as codependency and that fuels the additive cycle.

It is often difficult to recognize the behaviours you’ve developed that are causing you harm. You become convinced that if the person with addiction would change, you’d be well.

It is imperative that you gain insight and understanding into how substance use disorder affects family, work and community systems. This way, you can ensure that recovery principles are introduced into the system. Many people are surprised to discover there are predictable patterns of behaviour that emerge for those in relationship to someone with an addiction.

Now it’s time to learn strategies, behaviours and tools that will enhance your life. Those maladaptive coping tools that you’ve been working with are keeping you stuck, and there is so much more available for you. With understanding, awareness and support you can transform your life.

We’ll teach you…

  • The neurobiological effects of addiction on the family system.
  • How to set healthy boundaries that support better outcomes for everyone.
  • The difference between support and enabling.
  • 12 Step philosophy and how it can transform your relationships.
  • How to develop self-care practices that improve the quality of your life.

Evidence shows that outcomes are greatly improved when recovery is introduced into the entire system. Sustained recovery becomes more possible when the environment supports it. If your family has been impacted by addiction, recovery for the whole family is necessary.

Healing the Whole System with New Dawn

New Dawn at Aurora | Encourage ~ Empathize ~ Educate ~ Empower

Our highly popular virtual family program, New Dawn, offers transformational therapy for families. Each facilitator has firsthand experience living with addiction, and brings wisdom and compassion to their work. The program educates and empowers family members, friends, and community members.

We provide the tools you need to bring recovery principles and behaviours into the family or community system. Participants report a renewed interest in their own lives, relief to be in community and insights that completely shift their perspectives.

Our professional, facilitated group program provides you with evidence-based, research supported education and practical tools for living. In a compassionate group setting, you’ll be encouraged to explore how you’ve unwittingly developed behaviours that keep you stuck in a traumatic response, a response that actually feeds the addictive cycle.

Incorporating Somatic Therapy into the program improves your mental, physical, and emotional health. This profoundly healing modality allows the individual to move beyond intellectual understanding of the stressors in life and works directly with the nervous system, creating a greater sense of connection, safety, and ease.

The beautiful synergy developed between the facilitators offers a healing and inspiring environment in which to learn and grow. They truly consider it an honor and privilege to witness the transformation of participants as they invest in their own recovery. Years of experience working in a variety of premier treatment centers have given our facilitators consistent feedback that their dedication, expertise, and compassion are life-changing for families.

Your wellness is our focus. You can be well, regardless whether or not the person with addiction is in recovery. Let us show you how.

Contact us at 1 844 515 7867 to begin your Recovery For Life journey.