How Can I Help Someone Get Treatment?

As a family member, friend, co-worker or loved one, you often feel the brunt of addiction firsthand.

Whether your family member or friend is already in treatment or you’re looking for help when their substance use disorder is still active, we’re here to help you sort out what you can do to help.

Our whole-person system of treatment of substance use and mental health disorders means we’ll help you and your loved one make a solid, evidence-backed recovery plan that will take them from the first steps of detox, if needed, through whatever treatment is right for them, and beyond their time in our acute care programs into a lifetime of recovery.

If you’ve been asking yourself how can I help someone get treatment, we’re here to offer you guidance and support for the next steps forward.

Get Information

Just as we’re here for those who suffer from substance use disorder, we invite you to call us now for more information and guidance on how to best help your loved one – and yourself.

Wait… why would you need help for yourself? You’re not the one with the addiction problem. While that may be true, addiction is not a disease that exists in isolation. Substance Use Disorder (SUD) doesn’t happen in a vacuum. The impacts are felt through all facets of the substance user’s life, especially in relationships.

Why Do Families Need Programs and Supports?

It is devastating to watch a loved one descend into the darkness of addiction. When substance use disorder takes over, the health of the family and support system are affected, too. Each plays a part in the cycle of traumatic response to substance use.

When someone returns from treatment into the unchanged family and community system from which they came, there is a high danger of reverting to substance use. Recovery is much more powerful and effective when the entire family is lifted out of the cycle of addiction.

Your family has been impacted by addiction. It makes perfect sense that healing your whole family increases the chances for stronger, more hopeful and lasting recovery for all.

Healing the Whole System

Our Family Program and supports create a space of safety in which you can explore your reactions to your loved one’s substance use and learn new skills and tools to heal in your own way.

At the same time your family member or loved one is getting treatment for their substance use disorder, your own healing in our Family Program runs parallel so you’re creating a new, healthy family unit together.

Even if your family member or loved one is not in recovery or getting treatment, our family programming will still allow you to find peace and contentment in your own life so you are better able to cope with their substance use disorder.

Please have a look at our Family Program and contact us now. We’re ready to help your entire family heal.