Healthy Hobbies Heal Hearts

Healthy hobbies heal hearts: Lisa is the well-loved, creative, quirky and quick-witted receptionist at Aurora Recovery Centre.  She has been with Aurora since February of 2017 and can be seen manning the desk on evenings and weekends.  She is known for her sweater scarf collection, fashionable frames, legendary lipstick and signature “Hi! How are you?” as members drop by her desk.  Lisa plays a key role as a support to members at ARC who visit her desk.  She is a great listener and a good role model.

Healthy Hobbies: Crafts, Jewellery-making, Faux Cacti

In the cold COVID spring, Lisa began doing small impromptu craft projects with a few members, one-on-one.  Interest quickly grew to a small group of members who wanted to participate in the evening gatherings. From there, she began to think about other crafting ideas she could introduce to the table. Creations include Felt Elephants and Faux Cacti plants to mixed media jewelry such as leather and bead earrings and bracelets to the latest wood slice owl ornaments. Initially, these activities originated from members who wanted to make something to give their loved ones.  Members learn simple,  yet skillful life tools including pattern cutting, threading a needle, blanket stitching, following instructions in sequence, using tools, colour choices, and bringing their own individuality and creativity to each project.

Healthy Hobbies Create Happiness and Pride

“Seeing members beam with happiness and pride at the completion of their creation is extremely rewarding.   Whether it is a quick 15 min craft or a more involved activity that can be completed over time, Kraft Korner is a great outlet to fill the time and engage in peer interaction and just good fun.   My best observation is watching members teach each other and complement each other on their work.  Kraft Korner really contributes to a positive atmosphere and is really about discovering healthy hobbies and talents that you may not have known you had that you can take with you when you leave.”  (Lisa)

Thursday Night Game Night

Over the past month, Lisa has taken on organizing and hosting Thursday Night Game Night.  She also includes guest hosts (members)  to help run the games.  Some of the games have included Charades, Mystery Box, Jeopardy, and Music Trivia.  She really tries to get the input of the members and is really invested in making game night enjoyable for all.

“Hopefully, we will be able to add more specialized art events to the calendar such as a monthly paint night.  I would even like to explore further, at other activities we could develop so I can share my art, music and theatre talents with the members.”  (Lisa)

What Members say about Kraft Korner:

  • Opportunity to give back by making things for others.
  • Allows me to express my true self.
  • Therapeutic.
  • Allows me to be myself, relax, focus, and gets me out of my head.
  • Brings joy.

What Members say about Lisa:

  • Gives a homey vibe
  • Comfortable
  • Accepting
  • Good teacher
  • Supportive

Some Lisa Fun Facts you may or may not know:

  • Lisa grew up in Gimli.
  • She has two Porkies (Yorkie Pugs) named Berkeley and Ruby, and a 12-year-old rabbit named Gobo the Hobo.
  • Lisa attended the University of Winnipeg where she got her BA Hons Drama degree in Acting.
  • She has an MFA degree in theatre design (sets, costumes, lighting) from the University of Alberta
  • Has been a professional theatre designer for over 20 years and an instructor at several universities.
  • Lisa has backpacked to Fiji.
  • She plays a ukulele that looks like a watermelon.
  • Favourite foods: french fries, perogies, potato pancakes, essentially anything potato.
  • Favourite colour: Purple plum.

Healthy Hobbies Heal Hearts written by: Robyn W.