Five Self Empowerment Strategies

Five Self Empowerment Strategies

Five Self Empowerment Strategies

Self-empowerment allows you to grow as a person and gain more control of yourself and your life especially after treatment.

Here are five to help you with your day-to-day.

Familiarize yourself with internal dialogue and replace the negative with positive self-talk

Our minds think at 500 to 600 words per minute. And it’s safe to say that not all those words are positive or empowering. Start listening–you may be surprises. Being aware of the times and situations that you commonly engage in negative self-talk can be empowering.

Avoid blaming external forces for feeling bad and negative thoughts 

If you are stuck in traffic and frustrated, do you blame others, the city, etc? Why? You can choose your own reactions, albeit, often unconsciously. But on some level you do. Perhaps you could now choose to make time stuck in traffic more useful. For example, in traffic you can turn on your favorite playlist or podcast, leave earlier, or later to avoid traffic. Spend extra time doing things you love.

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Avoid blaming yourself for not being in control/not doing it all right

If someone asked you directions to a place you’ve never been, would you ridicule yourself for not knowing? No. You would do your best to direct them or suggest a place they could get directions. But, beat yourself up over it? Stop and think, “no”.

Be conscious of playing the victim and martyr roles

Too often empowerment is lost playing the “poor me” role. The victim and martyr game usually boils down to manipulation or is a form of self-abuse, both of which stem from fear. We beat ourselves up because we think we deserve it for some reason. “If I were more…” or “If only I did this or that…”, then we would deserve better.

Act as if: And you will become 

It has been said, “act as you if and you will become.” Try it. It does work. Put your chin up, smile, think positive thoughts, remember happy times, notice all you must be grateful for and you will feel lighter, happier and more empowered. Whereas, if you grown, groan, grumble, focus on everything wrong in the world and think back at things you think you did wrong, how could you not feel down, lethargic and negative?


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