7 Fun Ideas to Stay Sober and Have Fun for Victoria Day

7 Fun Ideas to Stay Sober and Have Fun for Victoria Day

The first long weekend of spring welcomes warmer weather, barbecues, and going out. But for many people who are newly sober or struggling to maintain their sobriety, Victoria Day long weekend may seem like a mystery.

So, what can you do? Try these activities over the weekend. Your only challenge will be trying to get all of them done by the end of the weekend.

Have a picnic

You don’t need to enjoy the outdoors at the cottage. Go to a city, provincial or national park with a few friends or loved ones. Bring some snacks to feed the ducks and take to the trails to explore. Connect with the earth, do yoga with some friends, and relax.

Spend time with animals

Nothing soothes someone more than remembering you are connected to something bigger. And, what’s bigger than Mother Nature? Try a new activity like horse back riding or going to a petting zoo. If you want to enjoy the animals, but not up close, you can always go to your local zoo to see new exhibits.

Get gardening

If you don’t have your own plot of land, head to the store to get some pots, seeds, soil, and plants. You can start a windowsill garden or stack them up on a greenhouse shelf. Gardening is quite therapeutic as it allows you to stay grounded.

Make a bucket list

Many people before recovery neglected their inner lives, but sobriety provides the long-awaited opportunity to find out more about yourself. Do a deep meditation. Write out where you’re stuck and what you think you can do to change.

Have a spa day

You don’t have to enjoy a spa day at an actual spa. You can always have it at home with mani-pedis, facials, bubble baths. Doing this will slow you down and upkeep your self-care.

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Spring clean

It may sound boring and terrible, but it is therapeutic.

Decluttering your home with things you don’t need can help ease stress and uplift you from not feeling weighed down.

Make a vision board

Meet at a friend’s house and bring a bunch of old magazines. Cut out images and words that resonate with where you want to be and what your goals are.

Hang it up when done so you can have it as a constant reminder.


Recovery allows you to rediscover everything you enjoy.

So this weekend, go out and try some new things, give them an honest try—it’ll help reconnect with who you really are.

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