5 Male Actors You Didn’t Know Were Sober

5 Male Actors You Didn’t Know Were Sober

They may be called superstars, for their work on the screen, but they are actual superstars for maintaining their sobriety.

Here’s a list of five male actors who are in a life of recovery after years of struggling. Just another reason why sobriety is sexy.

Here’s how different drugs can change the look of a person with an addiction.


Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell spent about 20 years in a near-constant state of inebriation. In April 2018, Farrell (then 12 years sober) checked himself into rehab as a protective measure. After treatment, he took nearly a year off to work on himself, be with his two sons, family and friends.

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Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper has been in countless popular blockbusters including his role coming up this year Avengers: Endgame. In his recent movie, A Star Is Born, Cooper admitted to media that the movie really hit home. Like his character in the movie, Cooper struggled with an addiction to alcohol and painkillers. At 29 years old, he became sober. He’s now 44.

Rob Lowe

In 2015, Rob Low received the Spirit of Sobriety award for celebrating 25 years clean.  Lowe recently revealed how he got sober. He had talked with a woman from a rehab facility more than 30 years ago but didn’t get treatment right away. She gave him her card that he kept in his wallet for over a year. He called her after his father, who was very ill, refused to talk to him.

Matthew Perry

The man best known as Chandler from Friends, Matthew Perry hasn’t touched alcohol or Vicodin since he received treatment in the late 1990s. Perry told media he first tried alcohol at the age of 13 and continued to drink until 1997. That year, he suffered a jet ski accident, was prescribed opioids and became addicted to them. After several rehab programs, he became sober in 2001.

Ewan McGregor

As the world’s most famous junkie in 1996, for his role in Trainspotting, Ewan McGregor vowed (in 2001) he’d rather be happy than drink and got sober. During his addiction, he would show up on set drunk, drink between takes and once got drunk and did his Iggy Pop impression in front of Iggy Pop. Recently, the actor won his first Golden Globe for his role in Fargo.

Ben Affleck

The critically acclaimed actor, Ben Affleck grew up with an alcoholic father, which really put a lot of strain on Affleck. He says actor Matt Damon helped him throughout his entire life with coping on his childhood trauma and addiction. When the duo’s iconic movie Good Will Hunting came out in 1996, Affleck vowed he would stop drinking. From 2001 to 2018, Affleck went to rehab 30 times. He last went in 2018 when his ex-wife Jennifer Garner saw him struggling with his sobriety.

Addiction affects everyone in one way or another. For more amazing stories of recovery, watch our stories of recovery video series.


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