5 Female Actors You Didn’t Know Are Celebrating Sobriety

5  Female Actors You Didn’t Know are Celebrating Sobriety

One in five people are affected by addiction or mental health illnesses, including celebrities. The celebrities listed below all had similar reasons why they became addicts. The roots of their addiction ranged from mental health, stress, sexism, abandonment and a lack of ways to cope.


Demi Lovato

The former Disney Channel star has struggled with addiction from narcotics and alcohol. Last year, Lovato suffered a near-fatal overdose leading to hospitalization. Before the 2018 relapse, the singer was sober for six years. Through her music, Lovato has been open about her mental health issues, including being diagnosed as bipolar.

Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada Pinkett Smith grew up in the “war zone” of Baltimore, Maryland. She grew up with a mother who was an addict. As an adult, the actress drank about two bottles of wine on a nightly basis. At 33, she decided to get sober. In 2017, she had her 20-year milestone of sobriety from alcohol.

Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes has been sober since 2008. Mendez says she wishes for more positive coverage on when anyone goes to get treatment.  She rarely speaks of her sobriety and ignores rumors because at the end of the day it makes her a better actress.


Lena Dunham

The creator of Girls Lena Dunham became sober at the end of 2017 when she quit Klonopoin. The drug is a benzodiazepine treated for anxiety and seizures, which are usually used on a “take as needed” basis. Dunham struggled with recalibrating her brain without drugs in early recovery. But is grateful to have a clear mind.


Kristin Davis

At the age of 22, the former Sex and the City had to choose between her passion for acting or her addiction. Kristin Davis went to rehab after showing up to her acting classes drunk or hungover. After attending rehab, Davis admitted she missed drinking on occasion. However, the actress is now over 30 years sober.

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It doesn’t matter if someone is rich or famous, mental health issues affect everyone.

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