Personalized Treatment

Customized Care Plans for every member’s needs

Personalized Care is vital for everyone because we all have different needs. Catering to specific needs allows us to help solve their addiction and mental health disorders. At Aurora Recovery Centre (ARC), we meet each and every member to personalize their treatments to ensure they succeed in their personal recovery.

Providing Personalized Care is challenging because it relies on many resources and the expertise of medical professionals to deliver quality programming in an effective way. At ARC, we have the size and scale to invest in high-quality, dedicated professionals to deliver the necessary programming needed for our members.

The key to designing a personalized care plan is to meet the specific needs of our members. We make sure our staff and resources are flexible, adaptable, and continuously improve our programs. We promise to deliver the best programming for each and every member who comes to us for help.


Start your Road to Recovery today at Aurora Recovery Centre or through Arc Counselling. Our staff will cater to your specific needs and will continue to work with you after treatment with counselling, therapy, outpatient services, and continuing care.

We provide each member with a clinical, and an addiction counsellor for weekly one-on-one counselling sessions, traditional and specialized trauma therapies, and psychiatric consults with a nurse practitioner and/or psychiatrist.  We also offer at least 10 adjunctive therapies and nutrition planning. We make sure we meet any special dietary needs to our members, along with traditional teachings and special outings. At ARC and at our outpatient services office, we also have family programming and workshops.

Expert clinicians ensure ARC’s therapeutic programming is professional, effective and tailored to the specific needs of each member. Our counsellors are continually evaluating members’ progress and adjustments are made as necessary. Counsellors may also refer members for additional therapy and/or psychiatric consultation if they determine that more advanced treatment would be beneficial for a member.


We work collaboratively so that all of our counsellors and therapists have the chance to provide input on the progress of a member. With broader perspectives on the behaviour of members in different situations and circumstances, our treatment plans can be changed to meet the needs of the member they work toward their recovery. 

Aurora Recovery Centre’s philosophies are consistently reflected in the way we value our members and staff. Everything we do is in the interest of our members’ recovery for life.

Aurora’s treatment process is built upon a member-first culture and stands on three pillars that reflect our philosophy toward our members’ recovery: Heal, Connect and Recover.

From initial contact with Aurora, you begin to experience our Member-First Culture. Our highly experienced Addiction Specialists help you navigate the complex, emotional decision to admit to treatment.