Family Program

To fully recover from addiction we need to recover from the damage that has resulted within our familial bonds.

We know that family members have suffered this disease right along with you, just in a different, no less painful way.

Addiction is a family disease. No treatment program that is credible and complete will ignore opportunities for family members to recover from the damage of a loved one’s addiction. Even though they or you have felt it, the family are not at fault for their loved ones addiction or addictive behaviours. We will help your family to see that addiction is a family disease. The family didn’t cause the addiction, and they cannot cure it. There is much for your family members to learn about themselves, and the changes that have happened as someone who has been included in the progression of the addiction process. No family member is unaffected by it. Addiction is a selfish thing and it will hurt anyone it comes into contact with.

You Need an Effective Recovery Plan

At Aurora, we understand the damages, we understand that addiction may be present in families from generation to generation. Many times, a family member has experienced life with a parent, adult child, another family member or perhaps a significant other with addiction. Patterns of coping with active addiction have often been developed long ago, but have not resulted in personal life satisfaction and joy, despite the unimaginable Herculean efforts to do so.

We provide family members with education about addiction and its impacts on everyone involved. We provide an introduction about what your family member can realistically expect from your new sobriety practices as you grow. If the relationship is going to work, it must be on a new basis with sober growth as its foundation. Aurora’s Family Program will benefit both parties in learning how to go about working together in the newly minted relationship.

Most of all, we introduce your family members to their own recovery possibilities. Meeting their needs and providing a pathway for them to reach personal peace, joy and fulfillment are every bit as important as you finding your personal peace, joy and fulfillment within this new relationship. Often we see many damaged family relationships, some hanging by a thread, that come to us for help. When a family member develops an addiction, it may seem like they’re not thinking about their loved ones during the acts of active addiction, but they are and it goes much deeper than you think.

Living with Addiction

Living with an active addiction, no matter if it’s drugs, alcohol or addictive behaviours, it is a very difficult thing to do. Those that have never experienced addiction within themselves can only see it from the outside and that can be frustrating enough. Addiction can be lonely and the relationships we cherish can become caught in the crossfire as our internal battle with addiction rages on.

To fully recover from addiction we need to recover from the damage that has resulted within our familial bonds. Only when we have begun to repair our family relationships can we bring our family to the understanding that we are not our addiction. To renew our relationships and to stabilize fears of losing our relationships with family and friends it’s beneficial to bring them to information sessions and counselling sessions so that they may better understand how addictions are formed. Once they understand how the addiction is formed, we can explain the complexity of the disease and the physical and emotional changes that come with it.

Learning New Skills

Our families have suffered throughout the addiction as well and through therapy, not only will you benefit but so will they. As those in recovery learn how to develop coping mechanisms to abstain against addiction, family members also learn how to deal with their recovering family member. Family members learn techniques that will help them take care of themselves as well in the process. Often during addiction, our family members forget how to care for themselves as they deal with intense amounts of stress and fear for their loved ones going through this difficult time.

Your Support System

Your support system at home will grow as you and your family participate in therapy. We offer one on one therapy for those in recovery, but they can bring their families in for a group session as well. In group therapy everyone has the chance to share their feelings and the hope they have for each other. We try to understand what each individual family member can do at home to help the collective family unit. Families that work through recovery together help to build that base of support, and those healthy relationships at home are a guard for relapse.

Collective family therapy sessions that include the individual going through recovery are helpful as they participate in group healing and confidence reinforcement. However, we do offer Alanon meetings and private sessions for family members that need help with the transition and with their emotional unloading. Addiction is tough, but we are here to help you teach your family about what you are going through, help you learn what they are going through, and to heal your family unit. When you have the support of your family, and they are involved in your recovery the chance for success is much greater.

Aurora’s Family Program includes some groups together, but most of the sessions are designed to meet the concerned family member’s needs as they participate in their own Family Program. Depending on your particular needs and the needs of your family, these sessions and their frequency are an effective option.

Aurora is partnered with “Parents Speaking Out Against Addiction” who assist families in finding addiction treatment programs for family members.

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