Heroin Addiction and Treatment

Heroin Addiction treatments we provide in Winnipeg and throughout Manitoba

What is heroin?
It is an illegal pain killer with dangerously addictive properties.
This drug is classified as part of the opioid drug family. Opiates can be made of natural or synthetic compounds, harvested from opium poppies or chemically manufactured. It is a combination of those methods, a semi-synthetic opioid refined from morphine. Users can smoke, insufflate, or inject the drug directly into the blood stream to expedite the effects of the drug.
This addiction is one of the most difficult addictions to overcome, and withdrawal can be extremely painful. Millions of people use the drug daily and are unable to overcome the craving, with many being afraid of experiencing the effects of withdrawal. Without treatment, it can quickly destroy the user’s immune system and increase the risks of serious infectious diseases, especially when taken intravenously.
How Opioids Affect the Brain
When injected, the brain converts heroin back to morphine, producing a brief rush of euphoria followed by intense feelings of relaxation. The drug is delivered to the brain very quickly, which contributes to the addictive nature and danger of use. Addiction is characterized by an uncontrollable urge to use, no matter the consequences.
Opioids like this block the brain’s ability to perceive pain. Regular opioid usage changes brain function, causing an intense chemical dependence. Other opioid drugs like morphine, oxycodone, and codeine have legitimate medical purposes but can be easily abused if used beyond recommended prescription, the results of which can be just as harmful as the use of the drug.
If you know someone suffering from addiction, we are equipped to answer your questions and assist with the effects of opioid withdrawal. Call us at Aurora Recover Centre, 1-888-544-4563 for more information on addiction treatment.

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