Getting Creative With Fitness Goals in Recovery

Fitness goals

The evidence behind exercise and positive effects on mental health is overwhelming and right now – more than ever – is the perfect time to get our fitness goals in place.

While we may not have access to a fitness facility right now, we have our homes and the outdoors. Now is the time to get creative and get active.

We have a unique opportunity to apply the recovery principles and lessons we have learned. 

Create some realistic and measurable goals.  

Put it in your schedule.  

Find people who will support accountability.  

Serve and encourage others to get up and moving.

Why not set up Fitness Challenges with friends?

Social media is full of people challenging each other for a good cause.  Push-ups, planks and workout challenges are commonplace on Facebook, and you can either hop on…or start one yourself!  Why not add a donation button for your favourite charity?

Go outside more often!  

Take a walk, run, cross country ski, snowshoe or power walk your way to health.  Go toboggan, as the uphill walk is great for exercise…not to mention the reward of sliding downhill.  If you are budget conscious, there great deals available at stores or second hand…or borrow a friend’s.

Video Chat Fitness

We all have been connecting with Zoom and video.  Chat fitness with your friends and recovery tribe after online meetings. 

Play some video games

YES, video games. 

There are many console and smartphone video games and apps that keep you moving, dancing, kicking and squatting… including lots of new VR apps on your phone.

Fitness on YouTube

Youtube is an excellent source for workout routines.  Everything from boxing workouts to yoga.  Its all there for you. 

Body Weight Exercises such as: 

Squats (hips, legs, core)

Push-ups (chest and shoulders)

Crunches (core)

Planks (works core, hips and shoulders)

Never forget that we have a lot more resources (internal and external) than we sometimes think we do.  Use what you have learned here and let’s start our 2021 journey together.

By Eddie Miller