Jennifer Hearn


Jennifer Hearn graduated in 2015 from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Social Work degree. She has experience working with diverse backgrounds, spiritualities, and cultures. Specifically, she focused on acquiring the necessary skills needed to provide comprehensive individualized care which supports and serves the individual’s needs and desires to maintain an independent and sober lifestyle.

Jennifer’s personal interest in counselling has primarily developed from having family or friends who are in recovery from addictions and experience co-occurring mental health concerns. These situations allowed her to understand first-hand the challenges people face in initiating and maintaining inclusion in society and fighting stereotypes and stigmas about people with addictions while trying to access needed supports. She also knows first hand the challenges that can often be faced with family members and support persons who are standing by their loved ones in these situations. This led her to receive A.S.I.S.T training to guide her in interactions with people experiencing suicidal thoughts or intentions while on the road to recovery.

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