Continuing Care Program

Continuing Care Program we provide in Winnipeg and throughout Manitoba

While getting help for an addiction by completing the Aurora Recovery Centre residential program is a great achievement, it is not the end of the hard work that goes into making life changes. Ongoing recovery work begins after this initial treatment period. To assist in this work, Aurora offers a Continuing Care Program to provide members with the support they need as they enter begin their transition and beyond.

Aurora Recovery Centre works with members to develop comprehensive personalized relapse prevention and continuing care plans that support members in maintaining their accomplishments in treatment. Members are encouraged to access professional continuing care through Aurora’s group and/or individual continuing care counselling programs. Members are also assisted with researching and accessing additional resources such as self-help and professional services for addictions, mental health, medical, parenting, employment and educational opportunities located in their local communities. Aurora is currently exploring expanding into alumni retreats & events and providing exclusive alumni access to online materials to better meet the needs of the alumni community.

Aurora also strongly encourages members to continue with recovery and 12 step programs upon residential completion as we have found those that are committed to 12 steps groups have a greater chance of success and long term recovery from addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders.

Group Counseling

Ongoing groups are provided on-site and thru video-conferencing once a week. Groups are member-focused and dedicated to processing post-treatment challenges and successes. Topics may include forgiveness, relapse prevention, relationships, co-dependency, addictive thinking, managing emotions, and others dependent on member’s’ identified needs.

Individual Counseling and Follow-up

Individual counselling and follow-up are provided by the members’ primary workers and a dedicated Follow-up Worker. All Aurora members will receive regular post-treatment follow-up calls to provide assistance, direction, and support as they transition back into their lives. Calls are made within 48 hours of discharge and routinely thereafter as per member preference. Brief, solution focused counselling is available in person and through confidential video-conferencing to provide support and address issues the member may be facing as they continue to work through their addictions and co-occurring mental health disorders.

All Aurora alumni are encouraged to contact clinical and/or support staff via telephone or email at any time. Watch for the Aurora alumni-only Facebook page opening in the near future to stay current on upcoming events and provide enhanced communication and support.

All information provided is confidential. Privacy Policy

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