People with an addiction or mental illness often to disconnect from themselves, their goals, their values, and the ones they love. That’s why it’s important not to neglect the concept of connection in a treatment program.

At Aurora Recovery Centre (ARC), each treatment program includes therapies and activities that encourage and aid members in reconnecting with their true selves, their own form of spirituality, and the people dearest to them. Becoming and staying active with different hobbies and activities help reconnect people to their existing support systems and help them to build new ones within the recovery community.

We have a variety of ways that supports connection. Some are Aurora’s Adjunctive Therapies, Spiritual Care and Mentoring, Nutrition and Exercise and Family Programming.

Start your Road to Recovery today at Aurora Recovery Centre or through Arc Counselling. Our staff will cater to your specific needs and will continue to work with you after treatment with counselling, therapy, outpatient services, and continuing care.

Each member at ARC completes a Personalized Treatment Plan with a clinical counsellor throughout their residential treatment. We understand that no two people are the same so we ensure that  the treatments are tailored to the member’s needs. Besides their main treatments, members participate in adjunctive therapies as well to ensure for the best care and recovery. These therapies help our members to heal, connect, and recover their lives while staying at our centre, which allows them to have a more fulfilling recovery experience when they leave. Read more.

Your spirit is the essence of who you are. Many say that addiction is a disease that attacks the spirit, but it also can destroy it. Any treatment program for addiction which leaves out the spiritual needs of their members is neglecting a crucial part of their recovery. We guide our members to finding their spirit in their own way. Read more.

Each of us learns discipline through nutrition education and caring for our bodies. And with addiction, people often suffer from malnutrition. That’s why at ARC, our members follow  medically sanctioned personal exercise program. Each member’s exercise plan is based upon medical recommendation and the member’s physical tolerance, capacity, and preference. Good nutrition is essential in healing your body and improving your mental health throughout the recovery process. Learn more.

Addiction is a family disease—loved ones need healing too, not just the person with the addiction. Through ARC’s Family Programming, you will learn about the healthy ways to support your loved one’s recovery and be provided with the necessary resources for healing as a family. Our family programming continues also continues after a member has completed their program. Read more.

Aurora Recovery Centre’s philosophies are consistently reflected in the way we value our members and staff. Everything we do is in the interest of our members’ recovery for life.

Aurora’s treatment process is built upon a member-first culture and stands on three pillars that reflect our philosophy toward our members’ recovery: Heal, Connect and Recover.

From initial contact with Aurora, you begin to experience our Member-First Culture. Our highly experienced Addiction Specialists help you navigate the complex, emotional decision to admit to treatment.