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Trauma, Addiction, and Healing

The discovery of unmarked graves of children on the grounds of former residential schools have shaken a nation out of its COVID-induced survival mindset. While second vaccinations pierce the collective biceps of Canadians, vigils, orange shirts, and red dresses remind a shaken public there is much more to think about than a pandemic. Yet judging Trauma, Addiction, and Healing

How To Talk To Someone With Addiction

It can be incredibly frustrating to try and talk to someone about their addictive behaviours and the impact they are having on their life and relationships. Often, you’ll be met with defensiveness, manipulation and deflections. The first thing you need to know in order to make headway is that substance use disorder (SUD) is not How To Talk To Someone With Addiction

Profile In Recovery: Vince H.

Vince is on the computer again, setting up another meeting. One more call with someone in recovery. Texting with alumni buddies about a tee time, and there’s another Zoom call with a friend curious about his changed attitude. He’s just one week out of treatment and Vince’s life is full-on and in full colour.  “It’s Profile In Recovery: Vince H.