Spirituality in Recovery

The Incredible Courage of Families

The incredible courage of families

Courage: Coronavirus has thrown a wrench into the way our schools operate, and with school openings just ahead of us, there are a lot of unknowns. We at Aurora Recovery Centre would like to acknowledge the sector of our population that is going almost unnoticed as the unsung heroes of the COVID pandemic: our children. The Incredible Courage of Families

The Dreamcatcher: Dreams of Wellbriety

Dreams of Wellbriety: The Dreamcatcher

A dreamcatcher was gifted to Aurora Recovery Centre recently from one of our members, Stacy M. He created a plaque and a dreamcatcher to be viewed by all who enter our recovery centre. The plaque states that “When you walk into Aurora and see this dream catcher, it will catch the nightmare that’s been our The Dreamcatcher: Dreams of Wellbriety

Phoenix Tapestry Gifted to Aurora

Phoenix Tapestry

When entering Aurora through the main doors, you may have admired the tapestry that is displayed on the wall inside. Black fabric with a striking bright figure of a Phoenix, a mythical bird that is a symbol of transformation. Here is how Wikipedia defines the Phoenix; “In Ancient Greek folklore, a phoenix is a long-lived Phoenix Tapestry Gifted to Aurora

Spiritual Bypassing: What You Need To Know

Everything To Know About Spiritual Bypassing

Spiritual bypassing: what do you think about when you hear the word ‘spirituality’? For some, they picture golden Buddhas, blooming gardens, blissful nature scenes, breathtaking temples, stunning sunsets and other relaxing images. Spiritual Bypassing: What It Is, Why It’s Harmful, And What to Do About It We tend to believe spirituality is linked to transcendence, Spiritual Bypassing: What You Need To Know

Mindfulness Tips for Beginners

Five Mindfulness Tips for Beginners

Mindfulness Tips For Beginners: Mindfulness can be very helpful in avoiding relapse. Two key elements in addiction recovery and maintaining sobriety are found in a person’s ability to manage stress and personal triggers. It’s impossible to avoid stress and triggers altogether. But, the practice of mindfulness can be helpful to handle the emotions and avoid relapse. Mindfulness Tips for Beginners

How To Meditate Effectively

how to meditate

Meditate for relaxation and to think deeply. There are many definitions of meditation and many purposes for meditation. When I first started to learn meditation, one of my meditation teachers said that it was important to ask oneself why one is meditating. What is meditation for? Most people are inclined to say they want to meditate How To Meditate Effectively

Spiritual Care & Mentoring

spirituality care and mentorship

Spiritual Care & Mentoring: At Aurora Recovery Centre, we work with every member to help them discover their own spirituality. It is often said addiction is a disease that attacks the spirit but it also can destroy it. Through active addiction, people often forsake their previous spiritual beliefs and are no longer able to attend to Spiritual Care & Mentoring