Spirituality in Recovery

Rebuilding The Lodge

Yearly, we take the time to renew the lodge.  There are teachings that go with it and the importance of doing so. COVID also seems to be providing us a window in a very timely manner. As I celebrate the gift of being at Aurora for the last 4 years yesterday, we had a chance Rebuilding The Lodge

Inventory and Insight: Recovery Dharma

Achieving a recovered state requires doing the messy, painful and scary work of self-examination. Have we achieved the stability and clarity of mind, as well as the self-compassion to begin this crucial phase of our liberation journey? This year in CONNECT we have been following the natural shifts happening in the 12-month cycle as well Inventory and Insight: Recovery Dharma

Wellbriety Tree 2020 at Aurora

Wellbriety Tree

Some of you may have been present at the Winnipeg City Hall rotunda during the last few years for the Wellbriety Tree of Life Ceremony. Or you may have been here in treatment in Gimli and had an opportunity to create a buffalo ornament and place it on the tree. COVID-19 has forced us to Wellbriety Tree 2020 at Aurora

Winter Solstice and Wellbriety Tree Ceremony

Winter Solstice

Boozhoo, Tansi, Aurora Recovery Centre has the privilege of being located on the Western shores of Lake Winnipeg within Treaty Number One Territory. These are the traditional lands of the Anishinabe (Ojibway), Ininew (Cree), Oji-Cree, Dene, and Dakota, and is the Birthplace of the Métis Nation. We honor and respect the Treaties that were made Winter Solstice and Wellbriety Tree Ceremony

Wellbriety Tree Ceremony Speech 2019

wellbriety speech jonny meikle

Wellbriety Tree Ceremony 2019 in Winnipeg, Manitoba: Speech by Jonny Miekle  The sun is up. I woke up. This is a good start. Each breath is a gift that I will not waste. Today, I will drive my body, feed my mind and strengthen my spirit. My past may have been dark at times, but Wellbriety Tree Ceremony Speech 2019

Sacred Fires and Tobacco Ties

Sacred Fires and Tobacco Ties

Sacred Fires bring peace during these times that have been extremely difficult to navigate. We as social beings struggle to maintain relationships with new imposed expectations of physical distancing for our continued health and those around us that we care about. Simple things like handshakes have come down to hiding behind a mask and not Sacred Fires and Tobacco Ties

WAWATAY: Kevin’s Traditional Teachings

Northern lights Wawatay

Wawatay came up in conversation during the Aurora Alumni Dinner. I heard a statement from one of our Addiction Specialists. He said, “We at Aurora, are the Northern Light. (Wawatay).” Ian Rabb then shared the story of the centre’s origins, recounting the inspiration for our name. The Inspiration For Aurora’s Name: Northern Lights, Wawatay “I WAWATAY: Kevin’s Traditional Teachings

Traditional Teachings by Kevin: Humility

Kevins Teachings Humility

Kevin’s Traditional Teachings: Begin your journey in the spring, in the East. East is where all life begins and yellow best represents our first Teaching: Humility. Learn This Kind of Humility Every day, the beauty and power of creation are ignited in the East. Are you not humbled by the strength and brilliance of the Traditional Teachings by Kevin: Humility

Recovery Dharma: Into Action

Recovery Dharma

Recovery Dharma is among the spectrum of different recovery options Aurora Recovery Centre recognizes, and people choose to access these options depending on their temperament, personality, preferences and needs in the moment. When it comes to mutual support groups, there are many roads to recovery. Red Road to Wellbriety, Refuge Recovery and Dharma Recovery. Different Recovery Dharma: Into Action