Health & Wellness in Recovery

Getting the Christmas Treatment

Getting The Christmas Treatment

If you talk to folks who work in the admissions department at any major treatment centre, you may be told the same story: people don’t necessarily want to come to treatment during the Christmas season. But, then again, they often don’t want to come any time. There they are, often in a life and death Getting the Christmas Treatment

Games For Healing: Across The Board

Across The Board Games for Healing

Across the board, playing games for healing is proving to be a therapeutic activity in recovery, in particular at Aurora. Strolling into the dining area at Aurora on a recent Thursday afternoon, you would have seen our member population gathered around tables in small groups. Individuals appeared to be focused on different interesting objects in Games For Healing: Across The Board

COVID And Substance Use: National Addictions Awareness Week

COVID And Substance Use: National Addictions Awareness Week

National Addictions Awareness Week is in full swing, with today shining the spotlight on the effects of  COVID and substance use disorders. As COVID-19 dominates the newswires, the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction (CCSA) reports that its inquiries during the pandemic have found “people who use substances report a loss of social connection COVID And Substance Use: National Addictions Awareness Week

Finding Fitness Balance in a Lockdown

Finding balance in recovery

While the world is considering another lockdown, it is important to your recovery to find time to work on your personal fitness.  While we already know about the importance of finding balance in your life and recovery, in this issue, I’ll be talking about finding balance from a physical training perspective. Balance training includes exercises Finding Fitness Balance in a Lockdown

Martial Arts Meditation, ARCFit

ARCFit Martial Arts Meditation

Martial Arts Meditation: Chi Kung Exercises, Wu Ji & Splitting Heaven and Earth  Martial Arts Meditation, Chi Kung is an ancient exercise that helps with balancing our energy, life force (chi), health and healing. At Aurora, we have the option to practice helping with our meditation and healing as part of our recovery. In this Martial Arts Meditation, ARCFit

Living Room Workout With Eddie

living room workout

Living room workout with Eddie: With winter on its way here, it’s important to remember to try to keep physically active as part of your recovery.  If you don’t have access to a gym, you always can work out at home. Bodyweight training is some of the best out there. Here are some easy exercises Living Room Workout With Eddie

Healthy Hobbies Heal Hearts

Healthy Hobbies Heal Hearts

Healthy hobbies heal hearts: Lisa is the well-loved, creative, quirky and quick-witted, receptionist at Aurora Recovery Centre.  She has been with Aurora since February of 2017 and can be seen manning the desk on evenings and weekends.  She is known for her sweater scarf collection, fashionable frames, legendary lipstick and signature “Hi! How are you?” Healthy Hobbies Heal Hearts