Carmen Kreutmayr

Office Manager

Office Manager

Originally from Bavaria (Germany) Carmen moved to Canada in 2012 and she loves it!

As an Office Manager with a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Operations, She offers more than a purely administrative-oriented background.

Carmen has 5 years of professional experience in providing comprehensive support for executive-level staff plus additional handling of complex tasks in research, reporting, information management and market support activities. She trained, supervised, mentored and coached apprentices, achieving the greatest “job satisfaction” and she wishes to continue working in a team, as a team.

She has insight and understanding into special member requirements and how to meet and surpass their expectations. Adapting to different mentalities and cultural norms, she has the necessary intuition to handle both daily and unexpected situations in order to find and implement the best possible solutions in a calm, convincing and professional manner.

Also, 10 years of professional experience with implementing very high standards combined with an eye for small detail, consistency, accuracy and clear, balanced communication and presentation of information round off her profile.

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