Will I Still Have Bad Days If I Get Sober?



Sobriety isn’t a guarantee of anything but not having to rely on drugs and alcohol to cope with your problems. Considerably, that’s a big promise. Becoming chemically dependent upon drugs and alcohol takes over your entire life. Everything you think, feel, and act on depends on drugs and alcohol. It changes the way you see the world, the way you relate to the world, and the way you participate in it. If you’re thinking that’s it? To the promise of sobriety, you’re missing the bigger picture. Not relying on drugs and alcohol to cope with your problems, someone else’s problems, or anything else in the world is a significant change. It means that you are present in your life, are able to deal with things in a healthy way, can handle life on life’s terms, and more. As it is often said in recovery, the only thing you have to change is everything. When you change the way you use drugs and alcohol by stopping completely, you change everything.

Unfortunately, you don’t change everything about everything. You do change everything about yourself. The famously used serenity prayer reads: grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.” You change. Others might change. Other things might change. There is wisdom to be found and serenity to be had in realizing that you are separate from those other things. Though the world can become wonderful and pleasant once the horrors of addiction have been subdued, that doesn’t mean the world still won’t have its moments. Nor does it mean you won’t have your moments either. The promise isn’t: live life without any problems because all your problems are gone! Instead, the promise is: live life on life’s terms.

Sometimes, plain and simple, life’s terms just aren’t the best. At least, they aren’t always what we want them to be. However, that wisdom we have gained allows us to recognize that we can still maintain serenity even on bad days because we have the courage to change what we can- ourselves.


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