What You Need to Know About Powdered Alcohol

In 2015 alcohol powder was patented and given the name “Palcohol”. Immediately, legislators and citizens alike in North America began fighting the substance, concerned about the potential for abuse. Try as the Lipsmark LLC does to convince the world otherwise, the decision was swiftly made against powdered alcohol.

What is Alcohol?
According to the palcohol.com website, the substance is nothing more than the powdered version of alcoholic beverages like vodka and rum. The powder has the same alcoholic content has it’s liquid counterparts, technically not making it any more intoxicating. However, that is if it is “used as directed”, as indicated by the website. Simply adding “six ounces of liquid” to the powdered alcohol should make it equal to a standard mix drink.

Alcohol abuse sees no limits to alcohol percentage per volume. A powered alcohol substance could be mixed with an even more powerful liquid alcohol substance, creating a potentially dangerous cocktail. Consuming high amounts of alcohol per volume in short periods of time lessen the gap between drink metabolism and intoxication. Alcohol intoxication causes an impairment of judgment which can lead to drunk driving.

What is the Purpose of Powdered Alcohol?
Arguably, the powder form of alcohol coming in a small plastic packet would make drinking a more accessible occasion. That is the argument provided by palcohol.com in regards to the substance’s designer who wanted to relax after being in the remote outdoors.

Those against the powdered beverage believe it is just a cheap ploy to sell more alcoholic beverages in tourist destinations, college areas, and metropolitan cities where life is on the go. Some feel that there is no need to powdered alcohol at all.

Can Powdered Alcohol Be Abused?
Yes and no. One of the chief complaints about a powder version of alcohol is that it might be snorted or “cooked” for intravenous use. Different experiments have found that it is not possible to “get drunk” off of snorting powdered alcohol, however, it is not safe to practice.

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