Types of Drinking that Indicate Alcoholism

Types of Drinking that Indicate Alcoholism

Excessive Drinking

  • Though you intend to have just one or two drinks, you end up having fix or six. You might have more than you are able to remember. Every time you set an expectation of controlling your drinking, you fail to meet it. You’re constantly disappointed and bewildered by what happens after you take that first drink. Despite your earnestness in aiming for just a few drinks, as soon as you have that first drink, all plans are out the window. For periods of time, you will avoid drinking entirely. You know that right now, you are unable to control what happens after that first drink. After a period of time, you pick up a drink again, convinced you’ve regained control. Once again, one drink is not enough, and you end up with more drinks than you intended. This indicates the powerlessness of alcohol that baffles millions of alcoholics. Like an allergy, the minute you come into contact with alcohol, you break out in more alcohol.


Social Drinking

  • Social events, interactions, and engagements all require a drink. In fact, you might notice that your calendar is filled with events that have to do with drinking. When you look back at your monthly activities, it is filled with alcohol intoxication. You find that you can’t remember the last time you went anywhere or did anything social without a drink in your hand. Enjoying a drink in the company of others is a longstanding and historical cultural practice. Not being able to withstand a single social interaction without alcohol, however, is problematic.


Every Day Drinking

  • Not only is your social calendar consumed by alcohol, increasingly your personal calendar is too. Maybe you aren’t drinking all day every day, but you are drinking every day, at least once a day. Whether it is a beer after a long day of work or a glass of wine before bed, you don’t miss your daily dose of alcohol. If you notice that your daily drink is ending up in the multiples, it might be time to examine your drinking patterns more closely.


Hidden Drinking

  • Your drinking has gotten to the point where you don’t feel comfortable drinking as much as you’d like around other people. Most people think you’re a moderate drinker because you don’t drink that much when they’re around you. At home, you’re drinking more, and alone. Lying about alcohol consumption is a common characteristic of alcoholism. An indicator of shame and guilt, hiding your drinking is a sign that you know something is wrong.


Blackout Drinking

  • Drinking to the point of blackout is dangerous, both for you and for others. If you are blacking out more than once a month, you could be putting your life and safety in danger. Meeting any of these descriptions could mean a problem with alcohol. For more information call aurora