Thoughts You Have In Treatment When You Don’t Think You’re Going To Make It

Thoughts You Have In Treatment When You Don’t Think You’re Going To Make ItTreatment isn’t always easy. There are good days when we feel like recovery is a thing we can do and there are bad days when we feel like recovery is something we’ll never accomplish. Everyone experiences fear, frustration, exhaustion, and being completely depleted in treatment. Remember that you aren’t alone. You can do this and you will.

I’m too tired
You’re exhausted. There are many factors contributing to your overall exhaustion. First, your body is fighting hard to gain back its strength after detox. We don’t often realize how deep the chemical dependency on drugs and alcohol goes. Your body is learning to work without substances and so is your brain. Part of your exhaustion is due to the double time your brain is doing to try and figure out how to live without substances too. Meeting the demands of a treatment program schedule can feel like a lot of work. You have to think, feel, participate, and do. It’s possible your sleep cycle is off and you aren’t getting the deep sleep you need.

The exhaustion will pass. Take as many naps as you are allowed while in treatment and go to sleep as early as you can. Make sure to stay hydrated and eat snacks throughout the day as you are allowed to. Know that one day soon your strength will return, and you’ll feel better than you have in a long time.

The cravings are too strong
Cravings feel unmanageable during treatment because not too long ago you were meeting every craving with more of your substance of choice. Now, you are doing things differently and denying both your brain and body what they think they want. Some days are going to be harder than others. For some the cravings go away quickly, for others, the cravings stay for months. Cravings are made worse by euphoric recall and not taking care of yourself emotionally. Stay focused on the positive- you’re in treatment, getting help, and learning how to stay sober. Learning how to stay sober includes learning how to manage cravings when they come up. Soon, cravings will be a passing sensation taking little emotional toll.

I won’t be able to make it
When we’re tired, having cravings, and challenged in seeing the light, we get swept up into the darkness. What everyone tells us is possible starts to feel impossible. Slipping into fear we start to think we might not be able to make it. That fear of failing causes a strange reaction in our minds- why wait to fail when we could just be done now? Realize that treatment isn’t a matter of succeeding or failing, it’s a matter of life or death. You’re learning how to live again after years of using substances to do so. Try to cut yourself a break by practicing living one day at a time. Compared to the years you spent using substances, you’ve only been in treatment a fraction of that time. Get through today and start again tomorrow. You’ll be happy you stayed.

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