The Symptoms Of Depression Nobody Talks About

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350 million people are living with depression worldwide, according to WHO, the World Health Organization. Depression is typically characterized by demonstrations of pervasive sadness, lethargy, fatigue, hopelessness, lack of motivation, and loss of interest in passionate pursuits. There is another side to depression which is rarely highlight, because it often contradicts the more normalized perceptions of depression and mental illness.

Changes In Sleep And Activity

Depression is usually illustrated as someone so slowed down and sad that they sleep all the time. While that is often true, it is not the only way depression can be evident through sleep. Ruminating thoughts of guilt, shame, sadness, or concern are common with depression, which can keep someone up. Insomnia, restlessness, and difficulty sleeping are as common with depression as sleeping all the time.

Really “Happy”

People who feel depressed often don’t want to be depressed. In an effort to compensate with the real experience they are having, they create a facade to depict a different story. Seeming overly happy, fighting to enjoy being with other people, and always denying that there is anything wrong is one way someone with depression will try to hide the severity of their sadness or other emotions going on.

Esoteric And Existential

Depression isn’t about being quite, numbed, out, and lost in a sea of emotions- though it certainly can be. All of the swirling emotions which come with depression can be quite deep. Being deep in thought about life, meaning, hope, and existential topics can cause someone with depression to become quite introspective and philosophical. You might notice them wanting to have more deep and meaningful conversations, which is usually a sign that they feel life is not deep and meaningful enough– which can be a sign of depression.

Highly Emotional

Sadness and melancholy are just two of the emotions which can be extreme during depression. What often goes undiscussed in symptoms of depression is anger, rage, and aggression. Not wanting to confront the sadness or underlying issues accompanying depression, someone struggling with the symptoms can become angry, sensitive, and defensive.

Highly Productive

Being a couch potato or being unable to get out of bed is an easy mark of depression. Being highly productive, overworking, or living with a consuming schedule is another. In order to avoid feelings of depression and sinking into that lethargic state, it is not uncommon for people to overcompensate with their lifestyle, giving themselves little time to fully experience or process their depression.


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