Recovering from Eating Disorders

Eating disorder recovery challenges those who are recovering in a natural area of necessity: eating. Whereas an alcoholic can abstain from drinking alcohol and a drug addict can abstain from taking drugs, someone with an eating disorder cannot simply abstain from eating food. They can, however, learn how to manage their eating rituals and need to control eating situations.

Restriction Gets Better
As time goes by, those obsessive, compulsive, nagging thoughts will slowly disappear. There may never be a time when the idea to restrict, binge, or purge, entirely goes away. However, the bridge between such episodes of thinking will get longer. Gaps will grow wider between the times when thoughts invade. More importantly, even when those thoughts arise, they get easier to deal with. In fact, after months or years of recovery, when thoughts about disordered eating arise, you’ll find yourself remembering how much worse they used to be when you first started this journey. Instead of being consumed by them, overwhelmed by their power and feeling fearful of the discomfort they cause, you’ll watch them simply pass by.

It Will Get Easier To Eat Out
Restaurants, going out to eat, and the spontaneous act of “let’s get something to eat” is nothing less than terrifying in early recovery from eating disorders. For the first while you might find that you keep a very specific list of restaurants where you have analyzed the food, know what you can (and will eat) and where you feel comfortable being. Just as the thoughts are going to fade away, so too will the complication in eating.

“Wellness” Will Be Redefined
Before, “wellness” was defined as a particular look, clothing size, or number on a scale. It mean instagramming food that helped disguise illness through “wellness”. Through recovery from an eating disorder, the idea of wellness will transcend material matters like food or body shape. Wellness will be a holistic effort, an intimate relationship with the self. Strong will replace skinny, healthy will replace “hot”. No longer will you have to suffer to please someone else’s standards. You’ll learn to set your own and embrace yourself as you are every step of the way.

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