Quick Facts About Addiction and Recovery

Addiction Can Be Genetic: Addiction has a lot of arguments surrounding it as to whether or not it is genetic or not. The debate is old and tried- nature versus nurture. Someone born into an addicted or alcoholic home, like with a mother or father with a substance abuse problem, has a higher likelihood of developing substance abuse tendencies themselves.

Recovery is More than Not Drinking: Abstinence is key to recovery. Many people believe that with a mind altering substance present in the body, it is different from when it is completely sober. Mind altering substances do just that- alter the mind. Removing substances from the equation is a good start, but it is not enough. Recovery is a program of comprehensive healing for mind, body, and spirit. Resigning to just giving up drinks or drugs means that many of the same behaviors and thought processes will prevail. “The only thing you have to change”, old timers in meetings are caught saying, “is everything.”

Addiction is Expensive: Buying drugs multiple times throughout a day adds up, Many refrain from going to treatment because they think they cannot afford it. Recovery can seem expensive at first and indeed the number is high.

Recovery is a healthy investment: However, despite how expensive treatment might be, recovery is always going to be a wise investment. You will not be quick to want to purchase drugs again because treatment is going to demonstrate for you your freedom and autonomy. Insurance is supposed to pay a certain amount of the bills and for medications.

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