Positive Affirmations for Recovery

The mind grows in response to our thoughts. Scientific research on meditation proves that quieting the mind or filling it with positive thoughts changes brain structure and fosters the growth of more grey matter in the brain. Your mind can be your own worst enemy in early recovery. Thoughts are not unmanageable. You are entering a journey into your own world of thinking. If you are scared, remember that you hold the flashlight and all the extra batteries are a charge within your heart. Begin each day by practicing these affirmations as a reminder to yourself of why you are choosing to get sober.

Positive Affirmations for Recovery

I am worth my recovery.

After years of substance abuse using drugs and alcohol, we feel like we lost out on our chance to recover. We’ve drank for too long, we used too many drugs, and we’ve passed the point of redemption. If there is God, He has surely forgotten us. Mistakenly, we assume the authority on what is possible. In anything but our right thinking, we make the decision that we are not worth the opportunity to live, let alone live a happy and healthy life.


I am deserving of a happy and healthy life.

Once we decide we are worth it we can allow ourselves to be deserving of it. Addiction is a selfish disease. So many times we convinced ourselves we deserved another drink, another hit, another dose. We were self-righteous and justified. Yet, when it comes to the life-changing, life-saving opportunity of recovery, suddenly we are less than deserving.


I am capable of change.

Working against our minds in early recovery is a tasking challenge. Facing the obsession of cravings manifested through symptoms of withdrawal is exhausting. Slowly we realize how ingrained our old behaviors and ways of thinking are. At times we may feel like nothing is going to change. It will feel like relapse is inevitable because the change isn’t coming fast enough. Instant gratification and change don’t always go hand in hand. Much of the change which occurs in recovery is subtle and incremental. Months later you will suddenly realized how something that was once was difficult has drastically changed. You are capable of changing. Allow yourself the time and patience you deserve to let yourself change.


Aurora Recovery Center believes in your life. It is worth saving. We think it’s time you start believing in yourself again. We offer men and women’s treatment programs for recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. For more information please call 1-844-515-STOP.

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