Nutrition 101: Healthy Bones

Regaining a healthy and nutritionally based lifestyle in recovery requires routine. Recovery is a process of developing new life skills to live a long, balanced life. Each part of life is rejuvenated through the use of practical tools. Active using and drinking, along with other physically harmful behaviors like eating disorders, can take a toll on the body. When addiction or compulsion takes over the brain, it leaves little room for concern over true diet and exercise. Disorders of the extreme, the body gets out of balance. One day at a time through the recovery journey, balance is restored.

Nutrition 101: Healthy Bones

Nutrition 101: Healthy Bones

Bone health is an often overlooked, yet critical component of overall health. Healthy bones are a necessity to living a full life. A long list of negligence and ignorance can contribute to the premature deterioration of bones. Isadora Baum, a certified health coach, outlines these X things as the greatest areas for improvements in bone and overall health.

Consuming Adequate Calories

Active addiction throws calorie counts off scale. The body gets used to surviving on minimal calories a day for two reasons. One, because the drugs and alcohol suppress appetite. Two, because money is spent on substances instead of sustenance. Eating more calories gives the body and bones equal amounts of necessary nutrients.

Take More Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins, minerals and nutrients are essential to bone health and overall wellness. Dairy, nuts, beans, leafy greens, fish and meat can provide the right vitamins and nutrients. Taking supplements is recommended as well. Vitamin D and calcium are exactly what bones need.

Balanced Exercise

Exercising too much without the proper balance of diet and nutrient-rich calorie intake is damaging to health. Be mindful about exercise and make sure to get rest with proper recovery: sleeping, stretching, hydrating, and eating.

More Protein

Protein can be a touchy subject depending on diet. Meat, eggs, nuts, and even some grains can provide protein. Vegetable based protein like pea protein can contribute to growing healthy muscles.

More Fruits and Veggies

Fruits and veggies help the body reduce acid and increase levels of alkaline, which in turn reduces inflammation. Produce is full of the vitamins and nutrients we need for optimal functioning

Baum also recommends quitting a smoking habit, reducing caffeine intake to morning and early afternoon hours, and managing levels of stress.

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