Mindfulness And Meditation Apps For 2017

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Mindfulness and meditation are difficult practices to just pick up and start doing. Anyone can buy a gym membership and start taking a class or working out, even if they just run on the treadmill. Meditation and mindfulness are workouts for your brain. You don’t have to go anywhere but within or buy anything but give yourself a little bit of personal and private time. Learning to meditate and practice mindfulness is much easier with a class. Thankfully, there are apps available for the phone which make meditating and mindfulness easier as well as more accessible.


Called the gym for the brain, Headspace is a multi-faceted app which provides meditation skills. At $12.99 a month, you are given access to hundreds of meditation sessions focusing on everything from focus to sports performance. There are even meditations for children in different age ranges. Importantly, Headspace offers the Foundation pack which is three sets of ten meditations, taking you through an entire month of meditating every day. You’ll learn the basics of meditation with animated videos and short videos from one of the founders. The foundation helps you grow in your ability to sit quietly with yourself and develop your own practice without guided help.

Stop, Breathe & Think

Unique to different meditation apps, this app asks you to check in at different points of the day and offers you guided meditations to meet you where you are at. In addition to general guided meditations, this app allows you to focus on specific areas like improved sleep or anxiety reduction. For people who like their technological devices, it works with the Amazon Echo’s Alexa can help you meditate.


Welzen is a great educator when it comes to meditation apps. Fun and colorful creatures help you choose what kind of mood you would like to meditate to work on. Short videos educate you about the science of meditation and what’s really happening in your brain when you take time to meditate.


Pacifica is geared toward helping people reduce anxiety. With a wealth of features this app is an efficient and economic choice. You can check in throughout the day and be offered different activities including meditation, thought-checking, journaling, and goal-setting. Pacifica has a long list of guided meditations to help with each mood.


While Calm doesn’t offer the loads of features like the other meditation apps, it benefits from its simplicity. More like a white noise app than a meditation app, calm helps create noise blocks for periods of time and guide you through various breathing exercises.

Meditation and mindfulness are components of a spiritual program, which Aurora Recovery Centre believes is an essential part of recovery. Each of our members works with a spiritual mentor who opens them up to the idea of spirituality in their lives. For information on our treatment programs offered from our beautiful location on Lake Winnipeg, call us today at 844-515-STOP.

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