Meth: Finding a Home on Social Media

Unlike drugs like cocaine, marijuana and heroin, meth has never had a place in modern society. Feeling the negative effects of an even deeper sense of shame and stigma, individuals addicted to meth have had to search to find a place of solace to be meth addicts. Social media channels have given meth addicts a place to do that. While the connectivity which can be spawned by social media interactions are important, they are counterproductive when uniting people under the abuse of harmful drugs.

Meth: Finding a Home on Social Media

Meth on Social Media

Tumblr is a blog site that allows users to repost other people’s content or create content of their own. Meth addicts have found a home in the Tumblr community called “Tweaker Nation”. Using a variety of post content types, this online hub for promoting Meth addiction includes:

  • Photos of meth, using meth, blowing smoke from meth, and the result of using meth
  • Tips on using meth, hiding meth addiction, evading getting caught
  • Prevention techniques for adverse effects of meth like “meth mouth”
  • Polling for meth costs and potency
  • “Hook Ups” for buying and using meth around the world
  • Glamorization of meth use and meth addiction

Dangers of Glorifying Meth

Problematically, social media encourages falsifying appearances. In order for posts to be popular and gain engagements like ‘reposts’ on Tumblr, they have to have a visually pleasing aesthetic. Meth is not a particularly glamorous drug, but glamorizing meth use is part of the online meth community. Troublingly, the glamorization of meth also normalizes it. Across the internet where meth lives are repeated proclamations against addiction. People posting pictures of their meth use claim that quitting is within their power, at their leisure.

Meth is a highly addictive drug. Synthetic drugs like meth are victim to constantly changing formulae, making it difficult to keep track of what is in the drug. The volatile nature of meth makes it a powerful stimulant drug. Just a few uses of meth can create a dependency and/or addiction. A central nervous system, meth is a stimulant that hits the body hard and fast after inhalation. Working quickly in the brain, meth creates a dangerously euphoric high that can last for days at a time.

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