Medication Assisted Treatment: What You Need To Know

Medication Assisted Treatment: What You Need To KnowAurora Recovery Centre promotes the use of medication assisted treatment in the detox phase of our program. For members who meet the requirements, we offer ongoing medication management for the use of MAT drugs. Using medication assisted treatment is neither required nor excluded in our treatment program. Before making a decision, learn more about the process.

How long does it last?
Medication assisted treatment can last from the few of weeks of a detox period to a lifetime. The medications used for medication assisted treatment help to wean people off of harmful and addicting substances like opioids or benzodiazepines. Severe drug use can result in severe detox and withdrawals. Detox is the most vulnerable time for relapse and overdose. Withdrawals temporarily weakens the body making it susceptible to overdose upon relapse. Medication assisted treatment helps to ease the symptoms of withdrawal, curbing the cravings and discomfort which can often drive someone to seek out using their substance of choice.

Some people find that their greatest success in staying away from relapsing on harmful substances like heroin, cocaine, or methamphetamines, happens when doing medication assisted treatment. At a small dose, someone might sustain their lives without relapse on heroin while relying upon another medication.

Working with an addiction specialized physician or psychiatrist is the best way to gain a professional perspective on what medications will be used or how long they should be used. However, doctors are often split on their opinion regarding the drug due to its controversy in the treatment space.

Why is MAT controversial?
Medication assisted treatment is controversial as a long time solution because of what is in the drugs. Drugs like suboxone and methadone have a small trace of morphine in them. The morphine is what helps reduce the intensity of withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Many argue that relying upon a medication like suboxone isn’t true sobriety or recovery because many people feel abstinence is the only way to stay sober. Others argue that a medication taken normally which prevents chronic relapse on potentially fatal drugs should not be scrutinized.

Unfortunately, not everyone takes medications like suboxone and methadone according to prescription. The drugs can be abused and commonly are. Additionally, should someone run out of a prescription, they can still experience symptoms of withdrawal which might lead to relapse.

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