Life Skills You Can Work On This Winter

laundry fold life skill

Forced to stay inside for another month before the springtime rolls around? Now is the perfect time to work on building those life skills you need to take care of yourself in sobriety.

Fixing Your Own Clothes

Sewing on a simple button or closing a tear is not rocket science. It takes a few simple lessons and time to fix a problem with a piece of clothing. Not too long ago, stores used to exist to fix every problem we would have had with clothing from the heels on shoes to the buttons on clothes. Today, people are les inclined to fix what is broken. Instead they opt for just buying something entirely new. Learning to fix your own clothes can save you money, help you be more handy, and give you a greater sense of self-esteem.

Fixing Your Own Toilet

Nobody likes touching a toilet. That’s what plumbers are for. However, for the average drain problem or issue behind the bowl, an easy fix is possible. Taking to the plunger after stopping up a toilet is always going to be gross. There is a key lesson in humility when that happens. Learning to take the plunge, literally, and clean up your own messes in the toilet is rewarding, even though it can feel like punishment. Additionally, knowing how to use a toilet bowl brush, clean a toilet, and fix other problems by buying chemicals for the toilet are necessary for being more autonomous in your ability to one day take care of your own home.

Becoming A Laundry Rockstar

Laundry is a tedious task but one that is required for good hygiene and self-care. Though laundry seems to take up a lot of time, it can actually help you structure more time to get other things done. Timing tasks with the time slots of laundry cycles is an efficient way to clean up around the house or create a workflow. Separating laundry, hanging laundry, and folding laundry can be opportunities for meditation and mindfulness. You can start to pay attention to what various items of clothing specifically need in terms of laundering, which not only helps you become more aware, but helps you appreciate the value of your possessions and desire to take care of them as well.

Keeping A Clean Bedroom

One of the things you can do during those laundry intervals of time is clean your bedroom. Having a clean living space is good for physical health and mental health. If nothing else, it is a good discipline practice for self-respect and motivation to get things done. Start with one area of your bedroom at a time. Choose scents and products that make your room smell like a space you want to come back to.

Life skills may seem simple and unimportant. After life has been taken over by drug and alcohol addiction, however, there is usually a disconnect between life skills and the skills required to fuel substance abuse. Aurora Recovery Centre incorporates life skill building and discipline into their recovery programs so that each member can enter the world sober and confident in their abilities. For more information, call us today at 844-515-STOP.

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