Life Is In Session: Learning Valuable Lessons In Recovery

We continued to make a lot of the same mistakes in active addiction and active alcoholism. Due to the clouding and rewiring of our brains, it was hard to comprehend how exactly it was it kept happening. Lacking in a spiritual solution, it was hard for us to call it anything like karma. Despite the mistakes we have made and the harms we have caused we didn’t really deserve for these things to keep happening to us. Yet, continue they did. After a while we thought we might be receiving punishment, which of course turned us off even more to this claim of an all-loving and all-forgiving God. Drinking and using, drinking and using, day after day, we found ourselves facing the same life hurdles over and over again without the ability to bypass them. It was exhausting. Eventually, we just gave up on trying to overcome them at all. To drink, to use, and to escape, was a much easier solution.

In recovery, we get the opportunity to face our life challenges head on. No longer caught in the endless daze of drugs and alcohol, we more clearly (and more cognitively) can learn from what life puts in front of us. We grow to realize that there is no such thing as being punished aside from our own making. Meaning, that those problems which grew worse and worse was only the result of our inability to deal with them and handle them in a timely matter. Here are some of the great life lessons we get to learn in recovery.

As our brains became more and more dependent on drugs and alcohol to function, we found ourselves looking for the easy, feel-good route in other areas of our lives. Somehow, that road always ended in trouble. The right thing to do is not always the easiest thing to do. Sometimes, life makes demands of us which take time and effort. Used to instant gratification this delay of results can be challenging to manage. By getting sober we have committed ourselves to taking things one day at a time, easy as it goes, living life on life’s terms.

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