Is Marijuana Becoming More Dangerous?


Marijuana is considerably stronger today than it has been in previous decades. Science has met marijuana through innovative growers and breeders seeking to manipulate the plant in different ways. Marijuana can be manipulated to be extremely potent by altering levels of indica and sativa. Some marijuana can be grown to help people focus, feel better physically, while still being productive. Other strains of marijuana focus more on creating a mostly mental high, helping users to achieve the state of being “stoned”. Today, certain strains of marijuana are becoming so highly potent with THC, the active ingredient which causes the mind altering effect, that it is causing psychosis, according to Huffington Post. The article cites that marijuana potency has doubled in the last forty years.

Legalizing Marijuana

Worldwide, marijuana is becoming legalized on different levels, both medicinally and recreationally. Canada is estimated to legalize marijuana for recreational use this year. THC and the other ingredient in marijuana, which is used for medicinal purposes, CBD, are not always required to be regulated. THC can create psychosis in high amounts.

Marijuana is not known for causing adverse effects. For example, to date, there is no report of an overdose on marijuana. However, adverse mental effects are common, including psychosis. Though marijuana-induced psychosis is rare, it might become more popular as marijuana increases its potency.

THC and Dependency

THC is also the active ingredient which can cause marijuana dependency. Marijuana was not previously considered to be addictive until researchers noticed that people become chemically dependent upon the substance. Regular users of marijuana experience chemical symptoms of withdrawals similar s they would to any other addictive substance. Marijuana is not immediately life threatening as more harmful drugs like opioids. However, potent marijuana and marijuana dependency can interfere with the quality way in which someone is able to live their lives.

The article suggests that researchers pay deeper attention to developing marijuana which can continue to produce positive medical effects without creating adverse issues due to THC potency.

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