How Do I Know If I Need To Check Myself Into Rehab?



There are many different signs of addiction, abuse, and worsening mental health, which indicate the presence of a problem. Often, denial can get in the way of acknowledging these issues directly. Without being able to put a name to what is going on, many struggle with the decision to seek treatment. Here are three ways to identify if you are in need of a residential level of care.

You’re Feeling Really Unstable

If you are feeling suicidal, you need to call a suicide prevention hotline and check into a  specifically psychiatric hospital where they can best suit your needs. Treatment centers like Aurora are equipped for stabilization and mental health treatment as a dual diagnosis issue. Unstable doesn’t always mean suicidal. It can feel like if one more thing happens, whatever that is, the collection of cracks you’ve been gathering will completely shatter, leaving you in broken pieces. Feelings of isolation, helplessness, hopelessness, and a serious fear that something is wrong and not getting better might be your intuition telling you it is time to seek higher levels of care.

You Keep Hearing That You Probably Should

Going to rehab isn’t something people suggest like taking a vacation, going on a diet, or trying out a new exercise routine. Treatment is a serious action you take to protect your mental health. If you’re not in a place to receive these suggestions from your family members or friends, they will sound pestering. How is it that everyone seems to think that you have a problem which demands treatment? Eventually you’ll see that this was a sign and you were in denial at the time. When you mental health state becomes noticeable enough to cause concern among those around you, it is time to seek help.

You Keep Thinking That You Probably Should

If you find yourself wondering if you’re really unraveling and in need of treatment, you probably do. One of the oldest examples we use about alcoholics is that if you’re asking yourself if you might be an alcoholic, you’re probably an alcoholic. You wouldn’t be considering taking actions like going to treatment for an undefined amount of time if you didn’t think there was a problem serious enough to require residential treatment. If you find yourself thinking about this more and more, it is time for you to reach out and ask some questions.

Making the decision to seek treatment is hard. Let Aurora Recovery Centre be the light on the pathway to recovery. For information on our residential treatment programs, call 844-515-STOP today.


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