Canada’s Push For Prescription Heroin


Canada has for a long time pioneered the path for an alternative approach in the way a nation regards its citizens. As the opioid epidemic has started to stretch from one end of Canada to the next, the Canadian government has started to pay close attention to the needs of a specific audience- Canada’s struggling opioid addicts. Synthetic opioids have started becoming more popular in some areas of Canada, causing regular overdoses and issues. Heroin and prescription opioid prescription has been a consistent problem. Canada has supported to provision of Naloxone, a medication commonly referred to as the opioid overdose reversal drug. Recently, Canada’s new measures for combatting the opioid epidemic have been causing global curiosity due to their controversial nature. Safe use clinics, needle exchanges and other harm reduction techniques are being implemented in areas where the opioid addiction is at it’s worst. Most recently, doctors have started an opioid prescription process to help addicts taper off drugs safely.

Prescription heroin has become a hotly debated topic throughout Canada. Increasingly, cities are embracing the technique as many heroin addicts are finding themselves motivated to seek treatment. CBC News reports that Ottawa is one of the most recent areas to have treatment professionals encouragingly back the prescription heroin program. Part of the problem in Ottawa, the article cites, is that methadone is widely available but isn’t effective. Many heroin addicts who are receiving methadone prescriptions still supplement their process with street-bought heroin. Prescription heroin programs like the one finding success in Vancouver insure a safe, medical-grade heroin which would be administered by a doctor using new sterile needles. Heroin administration takes place along with an exam and other procedures to help the doctor gauge where a patient is in their tapering process.

The program is not available for just anyone interested in medical-grade heroin. Working with a doctor through a prescription clinic requires a demonstrated history of being unable to stay sober. Those who have spun themselves through the revolving door of treatment are eligible because there is simply nothing else available that has ever worked. While the program is still young, officials are hoping to see continued success and slowly work against the opioid epidemic.

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