Addiction Is Pain


Russell Brand has been an outspoken celebrity regarding the importance of discussing addiction and alcoholism. However indirectly, the celebrity actor supports twelve step meetings and sober support communities which he claimed got him and helps keep him sober. Recently, Brand celebrated 14 years sober.

Excessive Drinking

In an op-ed, the actor penned some new statements and opinions on how he perceives addiction. Brand argues that addicts and alcoholics are in a deep emotional pain as well as a spiritual pain. Part of that pain, he suggests, is dealing with a world of consumption. “People who take drugs and drink to excess are trying to deal with a  spiritual pain, emotional pain…deeply exacerbated by the materialistic conditions we live in- living in a world where you think problems canbe solved by consuming something.”

Coping Mechanism

Addiction is for most people a coping mechanism. Treatment and the therapeutic processes involved in treatment help to reveal what it is someone is coping with. Some people have co-occurring mental health disorders which were never diagnosed and treated. Others have suffered trauma in their lives. For many, there is a sort of emotional and spiritual intelligence lacking in the tools necessary to cope. As Brand points out, “in a way, addition is just the extreme conclusion and natural end point to a culture that tells you all of your problems can be resolved by purchasing, acquiring, and consuming.” Without a proper way to deal with life the way that it is, many turn to deal with life as they are told to.

Modern Society

Modern society is greatly obsessed with consumption. Additionally, many are brought up to believe that there is always something “else” that will cure what is “wrong”. These lessons become ingrained behaviors. When that something “else” becomes drugs and alcohol, there is a fatal cycle of behavior created. For every sad, angry, anxious, scared, or upset feeling, there is a drink or a drug to replace it. Eventually someone learns, and rewires their brain to believe, that they cannot handle feeling anything other than what they feel under the influence of drugs and alcohol. That is a certain kind of pain that many experience, but only addicts know to be true of substances.
Aurora Recovery Centre believes that there is spiritual healing required for a lifetime of recovery. Part of our treatment programs focus on spiritual development to supplement emotional development achieved through therapy. With a spiritual mentor and counseling on spirituality, members are able to create a deeper sense of self and connection to the world. For more information, call 844-515-STOP.

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