5 Benefits Of Meditation For Sobriety


Meditation Is A Stress Management Tool

Stress management is an essential tool for recovery. Learning to manage stress is the key to being able to handle life on life’s terms, which is the foundation for living sober. Stress can come from different areas in life- from emotions, people, places, things, work, trauma, and more. Managing stress means being able to let go of the stress and be completely present, let experiences pass, and stay sober in the meantime.

Meditation Can Help Fight Rehab Flu

There are a lot of colds, viruses, and infections that get passed around in treatment. Withdrawal from drugs and alcohol can leave the boyd weak. Over many years of substance abuse, the immune system is weakened by the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol. Once all the substances leave the body, the immune system is even more vulnerable to catching a sickness. Meditation is proven to reduce inflammation, which helps the immune system perform at its best, improving health and fighting off the flu. Being continuously sick means missing out on therapy, activities, and healing. THough it is important to rest and heal, it is also important to make the most out of treatment.

Meditation Reduces The Pains Of Withdrawals

How does an exercise which takes place in the mind relieve the pain of the body? Much of the pain caused by withdrawal from drugs and alcohol is caused by a hyperfocus around it. Additionally, addiction to substances like opioids reduces the body’s natural ability to create pain relieving chemicals on its own. Meditation increases oxygen to the brain and promotes a sense of wellbeing, taking away the focus on trying to eliminate pain.

Meditation Keeps You Centered And Present

Staying too far in the past is distracting. Staying too far in the future is distracting. Being distracted takes you out of the present moment and being authentically present with people. When you are present you have a greater ability to connect, learn more about them, and learn more about yourself. You cultivate a greater sense of empathy and compassion towards others while discovering your ability to empathize with others which is a lifelong tool.

Meditation Creates Inner Peace

Your inner life is in turmoil during your early months of sobriety. Throughout the rest of your life you will come across life challenges which make it difficult for you to maintain a sense of inner peace. Part of the recovery process is learning how to replace your reactions to difficult times. Meditation helps you create the inner peace you sought to create when you turned to drugs and alcohol. By rewiring your reward circuit you create a new way of reacting- in fact, you stop reacting and you start responding.

Meditation is an important part of the process during treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. Aurora Recovery Center believes the healing power of a spiritual practice is essential to transformative recovery. Let our programs be the light on your pathway to lifelong recovery. Call 844-515-STOP for more information today.

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