4 Brain Hacks For Happiness

4 Brain Hacks For HappinessOur brains like to learn. In fact, our brains like to learn so much that they often learn on their own. Through our repeated patterns and behaviors, our brains create systems that we didn’t mean to teach them. Some of those automated systems can prevent us from being the happiest we can be. Check out these four happiness brain hacks for ways you can rewire your actions for more happiness in your life.

Take Time For Yourself. Self-Care is critically important for overall health, wellbeing, and happiness. Only giving or only taking is not conducive towards a balanced lifestyle. We give in take in thousands of way each day. We truly need to take time for ourselves to recharge, reboot, and replenish. Schedule fifteen minutes into your day for introspection and reflection. You can generally feel out your thoughts or assign a certain intention for each practice. Do you feel you need to take a look at how happy you are at a work or why you might be acting a certain way? Focus on that topic with an open heart and mind. By taking time not to criticize yourself, you’ll be allowing true insight to develop by listening to what you need.

Walk It Out. Walking is good for you. Cardiovascular exercise is good for heart health, stress management, and mood. Endless amounts of research proves cardiovascular exercise boost endorphins and other happy hormone chemicals in the body. How much walking do you need to do? One theory is that three one-half hour walks per week should suffice. For those who work in an office in front of a computer, a ten minute walk is suggested every two hours, or a two minute walk every twenty minutes.

Digital Detox. Taking time away from digital devices is another way to hack your way to happiness. The worldwide web and world of apps we so easily find on our devices do not provide us true happiness. Instead, they can increase depression, feelings of loneliness, and isolation. In addition, the blue light behind digital device screens is bad for mental health. Try taking at least one hour per day without your devices. If that is too much, try to spend at least one weekend day per month completely screen free. You’ll connect with the world around you and feel an instant boost of happiness.

Recount While Counting Time. Ruminating on past hurts, future anxieties, and other things out of our control is a short trip to being unhappy. Anything which takes us out of the present moment is likely to cause us some kind of suffering. If you truly believe something needs to be thought about deeply, give it a set amount of time. To help your brain learn to gauge how serious or not serious a situation really is, allow yourself to decide the time. You’ll find that certain things don’t require the time you think they do. With more time and less stress, you’ll be boosting your brain’s happy levels.

You deserve to be happy. That is our belief at Aurora Recovery Centre. Our professional staff is dedicated to showing you the way to happiness by walking the path of lifelong recovery. If you are interested in learning how to live happily again without reliance upon drugs or alcohol, call Aurora today. Recovery is possible. You will feel happy again. 1-844-515-STOP.

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