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Gambling Addiction Is Similar To Alcoholism, Commonly Co-Occurring

Criticisms against other process addictions like sex addiction has found its ground in the fact that brain imaging studies don’t reveal an addiction. Sex addiction is really more like a sexual compulsive behavior. Gambling addiction, however, acts like an addiction in...

5 Benefits Of Meditation For Sobriety

Meditation Is A Stress Management Tool Stress management is an essential tool for recovery. Learning to manage stress is the key to being able to handle life on life’s terms, which is the foundation for living sober. Stress can come from different areas in life- from...

Alcoholism As A Disease

Alcoholism doesn’t get as much attention as addiction does lately because of the overwhelming opioid addiction epidemic sweeping the globe. Alcoholism is, in my regards, an addiction to alcohol. Before drug addiction became a pervasive issue, alcoholism was the root...

Should It Be Obvious When My Friend Has An Eating Disorder?

One of the biggest misconceptions about eating disorders is that they are obvious. Eating disorders are dangerously illustrated with extremism. Unfortunately, people are led to believe that their eating disorder must be in extreme condition to be considered...

Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome: Don’t Try This At Home

Medical detox or residential detox can be costly. Some people feel they would better save by detoxing themselves at home. Many people are unaware of the severity of their alcohol dependency and innocently decide to quit cold turkey, inadvertently throwing themselves...

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