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The Truth About 12-Step

Are 12-Step Programs Sufficient Treatment for Addiction Recovery? 12-Step programs have been foundational in the addiction recovery industry since they originated in the 1930s. At first, the programs were used to help people overcome alcohol addiction....

Stigmas in Mental Health

Erasing Stigma in Mental Health and Addiction Stigma: a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person. Stigma surrounds qualities that are shamed in our society. In our culture, people with mental illness and addiction wear one of the...

How to Eat for Recovery

How to Eat for Recovery Addiction takes a very serious toll on your body and commonly leads to malnourishment. For this reason, in active recovery, it is imperative to pay extra attention to how one fuels and heals their body. Alcohol Addiction People addicted to...

How to Meditate

In the past we find regret. In the future, we often find worry. But the present is a blank slate. This very moment is calm and spacious. Breath into this very moment.

What is an enabler?

What is an enabler? Enabler: one that enables another to achieve an end; especially : one who enables another to persist in self-destructive behavior (such as substance abuse) by providing excuses or by making it possible to avoid the consequences of such...

Meth: A Canadian Crisis

What You Need to Know About Methamphetamine We’re only one month into 2018, but Winnipeg police have already seized half the total amount of methamphetamine they confiscated in the entirety of 2017. With the drug’s usage increasing drastically in Manitoba,...

How to Know if You Have a Drinking Problem

If your drinking has become unmanageable, and if the problems from drinking continue to mount, you could be a problem drinker. In that case, the time has come to face the problem.

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