Behavioural Disorders Treatment

Behavioural Disorders Treatment

Behavioural Disorders Treatment


Anxiety affects everyone at different points in their lives, typically when faced with something stressful, like a first date or a public speech. These feelings are absolutely normal. Anxiety can commonly manifest as many physical symptoms, like chest pain, headaches, and involuntary trembling.

However, anxiety should not infringe on your ability to study or work. If these symptoms persist throughout the events of everyday life and affect you even during mundane tasks – even conversing with others – you could be suffering from an anxiety disorder.

Anxiety is a blanket term for many distinct disorders, including generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, specific phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder, acute stress disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder.


Depression affects every person differently, and for that reason, it is a difficult mental illness to treat. The nature of depression makes a person feel as though they’re stuck in a hopeless situation they’re unable to climb out of. It affects a person’s mood and vitality and can accompany anxiety, making it difficult to be active or social with others.

However, the more a person understands their own depression, the easier it is to make positive lifestyle changes to combat it. Even the most severe depression is treatable. Eating well, sleeping better, and employing an exercise routine to keep motivated every day can help lift a person’s mood and loosen the hold of depression. Medications can help ease the psychological symptoms of depression, but work best when one has already taken the steps toward a healthier lifestyle.8

Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction is a behavioural disorder caused by one’s inability to control their impulses. A person with a gambling addiction may be very aware of the consequences of his or her actions, yet gamble anyway. Gambling can be further categorized as a compulsive or pathological disorder.

Because of the growing accessibility of online gambling platforms and outlets, gambling addiction does not discriminate. People of all ages, incomes, and cultural backgrounds are at risk to develop an addiction – sometimes suddenly, sometimes over a long period of time.

Gambling addiction can go beyond affecting a single person mentally and financially. If the addiction is serious enough, it can affect a person’s work and home life, and directly impact personal relationships with friends, family, and coworkers.

People suffering from an existing behavioural disorder such as depression or anxiety are at a higher risk of developing a gambling addiction.

Sex Addiction

Sexual addiction is a behavioural condition in which a person becomes excessively preoccupied with sexually addictive thoughts or actions.

Someone with a compulsive sexual addiction typically engages in a number of sexual behaviours at once. The affected person may have affairs with strangers, view pornography, masturbate frequently, and engage in the sex chat room and phone lines. The person affected may do all of these things in excess – to the point of having it negatively affect their daily lives and their relationships with others.

Compulsive sexual behaviour can be as destructive and devastating a problem as any other addiction. Yet the shame and fear of being stigmatized often prevent those with a sexual addiction from seeking the help they deserve.

Behavioural Disorders Treatment

Aurora Recovery Centre’s treatment program is designed to help individuals recognize addictive behaviours, explore core trauma issues, learn about healthy intimacy and sexuality, and how to identify and cope with their triggers. We then establish an individual relapse prevention plan and abstinence-based recovery plan and teach you new behaviours that work for you or your loved one.

Our Arc Counselling is always available, and accessible to individuals and families struggling with addiction and willing an addiction treatment. Please call us at 1-888-544-4563.

There is a Solution!

At the Aurora Recovery Centre, our programs will provide everyone with the necessary tools to live the life they truly desire. Our doors are open, beds are immediately available and we honour the opportunity to work with anyone suffering from the disease of addiction. Our proven treatment programs, medical detox and accommodations are world-class.