Aurora’s COVID-19 Action Plan

Needs for addiction treatment and recovery don’t stop just because of a virus.

Designated as an essential need, Aurora Recovery Centre is open and continuing to serve our members and those who are struggling with addiction.

We are working diligently to ensure your safety and continuation of treatment in this unprecedented time of COVID-19. Through recommendations and protocols from municipal and provincial government and health officials, we have developed and are following a COVID-19 response plan that will evolve with the requirements and recommendations as they develop.

We are open.

We predict no major interruption in daily operations at this time. Admission of members to our residential programs will continue as planned.


Our commitment is to remain in constant communication and training with staff and members about all updates as we get them.


We are supporting our staff by accommodating to their needs, providing training and resources, while maintaining the utmost level of professionalism.

Words cannot show our appreciation for the efforts and support of our staff during these last few weeks and in the weeks and months to come.

Pre-Admission Screening and Prevention

Prior to being admitted to Aurora, new members are required to answer numerous questions about their health status, ensuring that all members being admitted to our facility are screened for symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) exposure and infection.

  • Members coming to Aurora will receive guidelines on how to safely travel for minimizing risk of exposure.
  • All new admissions will additionally be screened outside the facility doors for symptoms when they arrive.

Out of province: We are following the guidelines set out by the Province of Manitoba in that anyone coming to Aurora from out of province will have to self-isolate in a controlled environment for 14 days prior to being admitted into Aurora. We recognized that this may not be the ideal situation for a lot of people, so Aurora led an initiative to create a Canada-wide working partnership with several other centres in most provinces.

Family Visits and Aftercare Meetings

Until further notice, we have cancelled visitation and in-person outpatient services, family programs, and are transitioning all external group meetings to online platforms.

  • All delivery and trades persons who come onsite will be screened for respiratory symptoms outside the facility doors and denied access if they have symptoms.
  • Onsite outpatient and support group meetings are being moved to online including aftercare programs, as well as online individual and group therapy.
  • Currently, no visitors at all are allowed in the facility – only staff and residential members are allowed.

Hand Hygiene to Prevent Coronavirus Transmission

We’ve recently taken the following measures to ensure that hand-hygiene best practices are adopted by everyone in our facility.

  • All members and staff must wash their hands and/or use hand sanitizer immediately when they enter the facility.
  • Added extra signage throughout our facility to remind and encourage both members and staff to practice frequent and effective hand hygiene.
  • Increased the frequency of hand-hygiene audits for staff.
  • Provided education (or re-education) regarding hand hygiene to all members and staff, including reminders on the loudspeaker and video tutorials on monitors throughout the facility.

Member Health

We have full medical and nursing teams available to care for our members’ health and are taking the following additional precautions to protect them.

  • Daily health surveillance allows our clinical teams to give members who get a cold or flu the care that they need.
  • Therapy groups will be held in the largest available rooms to reduce members’ close proximity to one another.
  • Planned offsite member outings are currently cancelled – we are offering alternatives (e.g. virtual reality exposure for group meetings).

Dining and Meals

Aurora is taking the following precautionary measures related to dining and meals to protect our members and staff.

  • Our kitchen has switched to full-service meals (rather than partially self-serve) to avoid cross contamination through foods.
  • Eating arrangements for meals will include spacing between seats and no members or staff sitting directly across from each other.

Facility Cleanliness

We have a team of highly skilled environmental services staff who keep our facilities clean and surfaces free of germs.

  • We have increased how frequently we clean high-touch surfaces throughout the day.
  • Increased the frequencies of deep cleaning our facility and have been distributing additional antiviral products throughout our treatment centre.

Staff Precautions to Protect Members from Coronavirus

We’ve recently taken the following precautionary measures to protect our staff from coronavirus infection, and thus minimize the risk of coronavirus exposure in our treatment facility.

  • All staff are required to immediately stop at the screening station as soon as they enter the facility, sanitize their hands, and fill out and sign a screening form. Staff who screen positive will be asked to do the following:
    • Immediately perform hand hygiene
    • Put on a procedure mask
    • Leave the building
  • Provided coronavirus COVID-19 information sessions for staff.
  • Staff returning from travel to non high-risk countries are instructed to self-screen and monitor for symptoms for 14 days.
  • Staff returning from travel to high-risk countries are instructed to self-isolate, work from home, and monitor for symptoms for 14 days. The current list of high-risk countries includes the following: China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Iran, Italy, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Spain.
  • All staff are instructed to stay home if they have any symptoms of coronavirus COVID-19.


Please contact us if you have any comments, concerns, or questions about Aurora’s response to COVID-19.

Latest Updates

You can get the latest updates on the Government of Canada’s coronavirus webpage.