Aurora Team: Addiction Treatment Staff

Our interdisciplinary team of professionals, dedicated support staff and consultants all bring their expertise to treatment at Aurora. Whether it’s a clinical staff providing evidence-based modalities, a chef practicing their artistry with food or a maintenance staff tending the facility with care, we all share one goal, to provide you with a respectful, therapeutic and nourishing environment.

Many of our staff are in sustained recovery and understand the challenges that you are facing. We bring empathy, expertise and encouragement to each individual in our care. Each person on the Aurora team has been trained in best practices for effective, confidential treatment protocol.

This wonderful group of people have dedicated themselves to helping others find their way out of the darkness of addiction and into the light of recovery. Everyone at Aurora is treated with compassion and respect and we are deeply grateful to have such highly skilled, enthusiastic and kind people in all levels of our organization.

Leadership Team

Paul Melnuk
Chairman & CEO

Paul has been in many leadership positions, guiding a variety of public and private companies throughout his career. For the past 18 years, he’s been an active and successful principal investor in a number of private companies in a wide range of industries. Serving as Chairman of a 126-bed addiction treatment center in the midwest introduced him to recovery centres. Paul’s personal dedication to addiction recovery began many years ago with his own journey from the destruction of alcohol dependence to the liberation of recovery. He is committed to helping individuals and their families experience the miracle of their own personal recovery. We are so grateful for his dedication to Aurora.

Steve Low CCAC, CCS-AC
President & COO

Steve’s 30-plus years of experience is vast and spans across overlapping fields within the addiction recovery realm. His ability to connect with people has brought him lifelong relationships with treatment professionals, referral sources across all disciplines, and alumni. With a wise and collaborative leadership style, Steve has supervised and mentored clinicians and clinical teams for most of his career. His steadfast commitment to Recovery Oriented Systems of Care demonstrates his dedication to healing individuals, families and workplaces from the negative effects of addiction. We are so grateful to have such a highly respected expert leading us.

Neal Berger, Ph.D
Executive Consultant, Staff Development & Training

Neal, an internationally recognized Addiction Specialist with over 25 years of experience working with hospitals, treatment facilities and professionals in the U.S. and Canada brings his expertise to Aurora. He has developed workplace and community intervention strategies to prevent or reduce the many risks associated with undiagnosed or untreated substance use disorders and mental health problems. His engaging lectures have earned him recognition for his exceptional teaching abilities. We are honoured to have him working with us.

Donna Low ~ Canadian Certified Addictions Counsellor, Certified Satir Family Systems Transformational Therapy
Family Program Director

Donna has designed and facilitated several of Canada’s premier family programs. Her ability to bring genuine compassion to each individual she works with offers the perfect environment for healing. Donna’s dedication to bringing healing and recovery tools to families has allowed her to impact the lives of countless individuals. Those individuals  have in turn impacted their families, communities and workplaces. In addition to her education in addictions and family systems, she has also studied child and youth care. Donna has been mentored by renowned expert in addictions, Neal Berger. We are grateful to have her gifts and abilities dedicated to leading our team.

Dr. Ian S. Burron,  BMR(PT), MD, CCFP (EM). Dip. ABOM. Dip. Addiction Medicine
Medical Director

Dr. Burron is certified through the Canadian College of Family Physicians in both Family Medicine, and Emergency Medicine CCFP (EM). He sits on the Shared Health Manitoba Provincial Committee on Emergency Medicine and Critical Care, The Province of Manitoba Emergency Medicine Credentialing Committee, and the workplace head injury and concussion evaluation team at WCB Manitoba. He is certified by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba in Opioid Replacement Therapy. In addition to his work at Aurora he provides his addiction medicine services to the Selkirk RAAM clinic (Rapid Access Addiction Medicine). Dr. Burron’s commitment to providing comprehensive, quality care to his patients keeps him engaged in ongoing education and devoted to achieving the best outcomes. We are grateful to have his enthusiasm, expertise and dedication at Aurora.

Dr. Adrian Hynes, M.B, FRCPC, Co-occurring Program HSC

Dr. Hynes has committed his expertise in the area of dual diagnosis of mental health and addictions to the individuals in our care at Aurora. His work at the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg includes training Residents about co-occurring disorders and Dialectic Behavioural Therapy. He’s been described as kind, dedicated, thorough, knowledgeable and patient by the individuals he’s worked with. We are honored to have his expertise on our medical team.

Piper Deggan
Admissions Team Lead

Working in a variety of premier treatment centers, over the past 25 years, has allowed Piper to hone her ability to educate, mentor and team build. A natural leader and gifted communicator she brings expertise, integrity and compassion to her work in addiction recovery. With an emphasis on recovery oriented systems of care she has been instrumental in changing the lives of many individuals and their families. Because of her collaborative nature, Piper is able to connect people and build networks that bridge organizations and clients, creating healthy systems in the process. We are grateful to have her expertise and dedication to collaboration leading our team.

Kevin Koroscil
Spiritual Advisor

Kevin brings his dedication to wellness and supporting people on their personal journey of spiritual discovery to Aurora. His extensive work history with at risk youth honed his ability to see people’s gifts and identify where they’re out of balance. His presence is woven throughout the fabric of the centre. Whether he’s working one on one helping someone discover their own spirituality, lecturing, leading a ceremony, or tending to the sacred land, his commitment is to help all people be well. We are so grateful for the wisdom, open heart and steadfast service he provides to everyone at Aurora.

Eddie Miller, B.A. Kinesiology, FIS, PTS, AYT100
Kinesiologist/Personal Trainer

Eddie is an Award-Winning Master-Level Fitness Trainer, Martial Arts Instructor, Stunt Choreographer and Professional Dance Teacher, who also teaches Zumba, Yoga, Pilates & AcroYoga. He’s been working in the industry for over 25 years and has helped educate and certify over 200 fitness professionals throughout his career. As a professional performing artist, he has done dance and stunt work in film and stage, including dancing for Jennifer Lopez’s Shall we Dance?, the Pan Am Games Ceremonies and his touring production company. Eddie also holds black belts in both Kung Fu & Arnis-Kali. He is the creator of ARCFIT, which focuses on the needs of clients in mental health and addictions recovery. We are thrilled to have such an accomplished and enthusiastic specialist on our team.

Tracy Falk
Executive Assistant

Tracy brings expertise, her unique ability to connect with anyone, and years of experience empowering high-level leadership in complex and diverse situations to Aurora. Her extensive work history has given her fine-tuned abilities that allow her to effectively manage fluid situations. Her previous work coordinating executive communications, human resources and financial management include IISD, Palliser Furniture, Investors Group, Steinbach Credit Union and Parker Vansco. We are so grateful for the enthusiasm, efficiency and experience she brings to Aurora.

Shirley Finnbogason-Yaremus ~ Bachelors Business Administration, Human Resources Management and Accounting
Finance Director and Human Resources Manager

Shirley brings years of experience managing complex systems, a commitment to excellence and a multifaceted skill set to Aurora. Born and raised here in Gimli, Manitoba, she has a deep empathy for all people and an understanding that together we rise. Her strong work ethic and loyalty have led her to leadership positions in all her endeavours. Previous work as a general manager, in human resources and financial management have honed her ability to see the big picture as well as be detail oriented. We are so grateful for the excellence, empathy and leadership she brings to Aurora.


Cindy Bergen ~ Admissions Coordinator

Piper Deggan ~ Admissions Team Lead

Heather Hale ~ Admissions Coordinator

Emerson Wilhelmer ~ Admissions Coordinator


Dr. Ian Burron,  BMR(PT), MD, CCFP (EM). Dip. ABOM. Dip. Addiction Medicine ~Medical Director

Dr. Adrian Hynes, M.B, FRCPC ~ Psychiatrist, Co-occurring Program HSC

Patty Medd, RN, BSn, BA, MSN ~ Nurse Practitioner

Sara Magnusson RPN~ Nurse

Melissa Budge, RN ~ Nurse

Lisa Demas, RN ~ Nurse

Vineeth Nair, RN – Nurse

Kellee Reid, RN, BN ~ Nurse

Sheri-Ann Yarecki, RN ~ Nurse

Kyla Johnson, LPN ~ Nurse

Corinna Poole, LPN – Nurse


Anthony Cafik ~ Counsellor/Chaplain

Amanda Chalmers, B.A., Professional Addiction Studies Certificate ~ Counsellor

Nicole Corriveau ~ Counsellor

Jessica Fletcher, Applied Counselling Certificate ~ Counsellor

Jennifer Hearn, BSW, ADS ~ Medical Withdrawal Management Unit Clinical Counsellor

Kevin Koroscil ~Spiritual Advisor

Grayling Malaterre, RSW ~ Counsellor

Joe Petriccione, M.Ed, LPC ~ Counsellor

Eddie Raber, BSW ~ Counsellor

Aimee Schwager, BA Honours Psychology, BSW, RSW ~ Counsellor

Kimberly Shaw, BA Adv Sociology, MBA, MEd Counselling Psychology, CCPA ~ Counsellor

Gerry Verrier, CHR Practitioner ~ Counsellor

New Dawn Family Program

Geri Laurence ~ Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Complex Trauma Level 2 Clinical Counsellor, Certified Mental Health and Addictions Counsellor, Compassionate Inquiry with  Dr. Gabor Mate. International Association of Trauma Professionals Masters Level.

Donna Low ~ New Dawn Program Director, CCAC, Certified Satir Family Systems Transformational Therapy.

Joe Petriccione ~ M.Ed, LPC, Addictions Counsellor, Group Therapy Facilitator.

Sonja Riddle ~ Masters of Counselling Psychology, BSW, Invitational Interventionist, Compassionate Inquiry with Dr. Gabor Mate.

Extended and Continuing Care

Tim Dickson, CCAC ~ Continuing Care Advocate

Member Care Specialists

Rhonda Anderson ~ Ward Clerk

Stephanie Abernethy MCS

John  Atchison ~ MCS

Kalyn Barrett ~ MCS

Gerry Lynne Cox ~ MCS

John Vermette ~ MCS

Bailee Woods ~ MCS

Sherry Gauthier ~ MCS

Silvia Harder, BA ~ MCS

Johanna Johnsen, BA Psychology ~ MCS

Thomas Kowalchuk ~ MCS

Jenny Woloshyn MCS

Nicole Penwarden ~ MCS

Brianne Labossiere ~ MCS

Charlene Mulholland ~ Driver

Kathleen Henderson ~ Driver

Fitness & Nutrition

Eddie Miller ~ Kinesiologist, Personal Trainer

Athabasca Catering ~ 100% First Nations Owned


Piper Deggan ~ Marketing / Copywriting / Content

Bernadette Koroscil ~ Accounting Assistant

Emerson Wilhelmer ~ Member Care Administrative Assistant

Lisa Hancherek ~ Reception

Nadine Lagasse ~ Reception

Nicole Levesque ~ Reception


Athabasca Housekeeping ~ 100% First Nations Owned

Michael Johnson ~ Maintenance

Jasyn Kasupski ~ Red Seal Electrician, CPO Maintenance Supervisor

Larry Monforton ~ Maintenance