Aurora Team: Addiction Treatment Staff

Members of the Aurora team at every level are trained and experienced professionals in best practices for effective, confidential treatment protocol. With over 80 staff on board in various positions around the Centre, everyone on the Aurora team all have one thing in common in our approach to addiction treatment: heart.

From our Member Care Specialists to support staff, janitors and directors alike, each one of us at Aurora Recovery Centre believes in compassion as a foundation for the work we do every day helping substance users and addicts into a life of recovery.

Leadership Team

Paul Melnuk – Chairman & CEO
Steve Low CCAC, CCS-AC – President & COO
Neal Berger – Executive Consultant, Staff Development & Training
Tracy Falk – Executive Assistant
Anthony Cafik – Clinical Director
Donna Low, CCAC Satir Family Systems Level One – Family Program Director
Joe Petriccione, M.Ed, LPC
Tara Kirton – Intake/Member Care Administrator
Emerson Wilhelmer – Member Care Administrative Assistant
Darryl Stein, BA Economics – Director of Business Development
Shirley Finnbogason – Accounting Manager


Piper Deggan – Admissions Team Lead
Todd Richards, RPC – Admissions Coordinator, Interventionist
Cindy Bergen – Admissions Coordinator
Heather Hale – Admissions Coordinator


Dr. Derrek Jensen, BSc, BSc (Med), MD, CCFP – Medical Director
Dr. Adrian Hynes – M.B, FRCPC Psychiatrist, Co-occurring Program HSC
Patty Medd, RN, BSn, BA, MSN – Nurse Practitioner
Kellee Reid, RN, BN – Nurse
Rikki Lee Johannesson – Nurse
Kyla Johnson, LPN – Nurse
Melissa Budge – Nurse
Sara Magnusson – Nurse
Sheri-Ann Yarecki – Nurse
Corinna Poole, LPN – Nurse
Vineeth Nair, RN – Nurse


Jennifer Hearn, BSW, ADS – Medical Withdrawal Management Unit Clinical Counsellor
Amanda Chalmers, B.A., Professional Addiction Studies Certificate – Counsellor
Denis Rheault – Counsellor
Eddie Raber, BSW – Counsellor
Gerry Verrier, CHR Practitioner – Counsellor
Grayling Malaterre, RSW – Counsellor
Jessica Fletcher, Applied Counselling Certificate – Counsellor
Nicole Corriveau – Counsellor
Stephanie Brekelmans – Counsellor
Kimberly Shaw, BA Adv Sociology, MBA, MEd Counselling Psychology, CCPA – Counsellor
Kevin Koroscil – Spiritual Advisor
Veronica Dunn, RSW, MSW – EMDR Therapist
Aimee Schwager, BA Honours Psychology, BSW, RSW- Counsellor

New Dawn Family Program

Geri Laurence – Family Program Counsellor, Trauma Therapist
Sonja Riddle, MACP, BSW – Counsellor, Family Programs

Extended and Continuing Care

Tim Dickson, CCAC – Continuing Care Advocate
Tony Rodericks – Extended Care Counsellor/Coach

Member Care Specialists

Rhonda Anderson – MCS/Ward Clerk
Johanna Johnsen, BA Psychology – MCS
John  Atchison – MCS
John Vermette – MCS
Bailee Woods – MCS
Daryk Mcrae – MCS
Gerry Lynne Cox – MCS
Kalyn Barrett – MCS
Mike Steele – MCS
Sherry Gauthier – MCS
Shirley Enns – MCS
Silvia Harder BA – MCS
Thomas Kowalchuk – MCS

Fitness & Nutrition

Eddie Miller – Kinesiologist, Trainer
Cara Westfall – Head Cook
Jamie Petersen – Head Cook
Kristine Askholm – Head Cook
Nolan Bouw – Prep Cook


Darlene Mitchell – Reception
Lisa Hancherek – Reception
Nadine Lagasse – Reception
Nicole Levesque – Reception/Switchboard
Bernadette Koroscil – Accounting Assistant
Jeff Vircoe – Marketing / Media & Content
Renée LeBlanc – Marketing / Creative Coordinator


Lauren Dryden – Housekeeping
Leane Leduc – Housekeeping
Venessa  Park – Housekeeping Supervisor
Larry Monforton – Maintenance
Michael Johnson – Maintenance
Jasyn Kasupski – Red Seal Electrician, CPO Maintenance Manager