ARC Squad is Activated This Autumn

ARC Squad is Activated This Autumn

Warm greetings matched the sunny skies when Aurora alumni gathered at the Centre in Gimli and set out to work on our Adopt a Highway clean up on September 19th. After a period of inactivity due to the COVID-19 situation, the ARC Squad volunteer spirit was on display along Highway 222.

The Adopt A Highway program gives us a chance to safely gather outside and keep a primary focus on safety during these difficult times. Aurora Recovery Centre is expected to organize to clean up operations each year. The provincial highway representatives were very helpful in getting us registered and provided materials to help us in our task, as well as keep us safe as we worked close to a busy road.

Regional Operations Assistant Charlene Boak expressed gratitude that the Squad was taking on the responsibility.

Our rally point was at the paddock area at the entrance to Aurora. There was an awning set up where coffee, tea, and other beverages were available. Gloves, pick up sticks, and garbage bags were distributed and we departed out to begin our task.

Our group was informed logistically by our maintenance crew, who have prior experience with highway cleanups. Thank you to Jayson and Larry for all the assistance preparing for the day. It was our first try, and we learned some lessons about how much effort it takes to complete the work.

A very diligent and hard-working team participated, and many bags of trash and debris were taken out of the ditches. There was lots of traffic on the road, and drivers and passengers were observed waving, smiling and honking in support as they passed the ARC Squad group.

The kitchen team provided tasty and nourishing wraps and other snacks, and they were gratefully consumed during the break.

Our alumni members departed Aurora happy and content. Having a chance to be at Aurora, even under the limitations, is good for the soul. The spirit of recovery was fully embodied by our volunteers on this day.

We look forward to the next gathering in the spring.