ARC Squad helps at Siloam Mission

Aurora Recovery’s “ARC Squad” had an exceptional time at Siloam Mission on Saturday, January 5! Members, Alumni, and staff volunteered their time for a gratifying afternoon of service!

The ARC Squad was split up into several groups and given assignments in Siloam Mission’s various departments, including; kitchen duties such as plating, cleaning & serving meals to clients with disabilities, conversing with Siloam Mission’s clients, and sorting clothes in the donations department.

ARC Squad Tours Siloam Mission

All volunteers were brought on a tour of Siloam Mission’s various departments including the overnight shelter funded by Winnipeg’s own “Lady Bug” girl Hannah Taylor. The overnight shelter is quite large and very clean and organized. We were surprised to learn that 80% of their clients are men. There is a private area for the women and the entire area is monitored by staff, providing security throughout the night.

We left feeling humbled by our experience that day, and we were also very impressed by the kindness and compassion shown to their clients. The staff at Siloam Mission truly care about the people they serve. It was an amazing day of volunteering and we look forward to volunteering there again. It was a truly rewarding day for the ARC Squad!

If you have any suggestions for future volunteer opportunities, please contact Tim Dickson!