Our alumni have been through it all and are well versed in respect and compassion.

You have a unique experience with much to give and much to receive in sharing your experiences, your strengths and your hope with others.

People who have come to the Aurora Recovery Centre, to pursue a better life through sobriety, come back to share with current members, and reconnect with other recovering friends they met during their stay. They will share experiences they are having now, spend time in sober growth counseling groups, and share with their past Counsellors, fellow alumni, and current members.

Experience in Recovery and Life After

Addiction requires complete commitment and years of trials to overcome after your recovery program is completed. All that have gone through active recovery at Aurora Recovery Centre know just what you’re feeling and going through. Addicts suffer from the loss of identity, depression, anxiety, confusion, fear and some anger throughout their experiences in recovery as they learn to understand they have a problem.

The only way to understand that there is hope beyond addiction is to have travelled the path once yourself. Our alumni have been through it all and are well versed in respect and compassion. We teach all of our members here that offering a support system creates a wider network of people that are willing to lend a helping hand. Our alumni were once in the same boat, and they love to give back to those who could benefit from their experiences. We invite each of our alumni to come back and take part in our group sessions and meetings at Aurora; they will often find new friends that could use a little help with their own growing pains in recovery.

Mentoring and Sponsors

The community and awareness built during your time in an inpatient or intensive outpatient recovery program is a gift that is continually giving to your life. Through recovery, we find kindred spirits and people who understand fully what it means to change their lives and strive for something better. No matter where you were, or who you were before you entered into active recovery isn’t forgotten but remembered and used as a reference for others looking for mentors.
Being a mentor or a sponsor within our active 12-step programs can help someone seeking recovery from addictive substances and behaviours. Knowing that we are not alone,and that others have had similar experiences, may change a new persons perspective on their upcoming journey. Our alumni are always welcome to visit and bring their positive energy into our home.

Current Members Learn from Alumni

If you are a current Aurora Recovery Centre member, you will have the experience of hearing the real stories of the Alumni’s courage, mistakes and successes in learning to deal with daily life in recovery. You will be greatly encouraged in your hopes for successful sobriety, because you are now where they began, and they are still sober and looking forward! As addicts, we understand that living with addiction and practicing our skills to remain free of it are always ongoing. Addiction is built into us, but it does not dictate who we are and who we will be forever. Addiction is something we go through and learn from.

You will form bonds with your fellows that you met and shared with in treatment. They are often very strong, as they begin with similar pain, and evolve into similar goals and solutions. Many members who share a treatment program remain in touch with one another many years to come. To build a support system requires work and the willingness to listen and to be open to sharing your experience. We want to show you the example we have put forth into the world through the camaraderie of our new members and alumni.

Uniqueness and Camaraderie

Each individual that has come through Aurora Recovery Centre is unique, and they all have a wealth of tips and information you can benefit from and applyto your own life. If you find someone in the group of visiting alumni you feel comfortable and similar to, they can share the things or services they use outside of our recovery centre to keep them on the path of sobriety. There could be community activities or quaint living areas where you will find added support and community. These pieces of valuable information can help take some of the guesswork out of your independent discovery as you begin applying the skills you have learned while you were in recovery here at Aurora.

Proof You Can Do it Too

They could share information about specific spiritual learning centres and groups that they attend outside of the recovery home that could be useful to you in the area you live in. Our alumni have experience with many alternative therapies we have offered here at Aurora and can give some insight into the things you want to try here while you’re learning about what works for you. Trust your instincts and ask questions! We want all of our current Aurora members to feel comforted in the fact that there are people fully functioning, living well and sober lives. We bring out the best in our members during their recovery so that they can be confident to re-enter their lives.

As you share with your Aurora alumni, you will validate your progress, learn new things from each other, become renewed and enriched by the experience. Call Aurora today to become a part of our living and sober community.

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